New puppy....What do I need
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Thread: New puppy....What do I need

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    DefaultNew puppy....What do I need

    I have posted a few questions on this site, and am finally ready to go pick up my puppy this weekend - and although my friends will likely make fun of my excitement - I think I'm probably in the right place to say, I'm pretty darn excited.

    I've read lots, watched videos adn checked out a lot of information, my last question right now is what do I need to buy and have prepared before I get my pup? Here is a list of what I have, or plan to purchase this weekend, however I'm sure that there is something I'm not thinking of, any addtions would be appreciated.

    Food Bowls
    Toys (plan to buy more - any good suggestions for labs)
    Puppy Food
    Dog Treats / Buiscuts
    Nyla Bone and appropriate chew bones

    Thanks to all more experienced owners who share advice on this site, it's been helpful and I'm sure it will continue to be.

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    mylablucy is offline Member
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    DefaultRe: New puppy....What do I need

    You are definitely in the right place to share your excitement! Honestly, my friends teased me endlessly about how excited I was to get Lucy and how crazy in love I was as soon as I brought her home. Enjoy your first days! And be ready for uninterrupted sleep!

    For dog toys, get a few squeeky plush animals. They love making it squeek and its very cute to watch them carry it around.

    The first few nights I wanted to be closer to Lucy so that she wouldn't be alone in her crate (you can see the neuroticm I'm sure :). Anyways, I had a shallow laundry basket that I lined with a towel, and had her sleep in there. I felt like it was reassuring for her to be right next to me, I even had my hand on her while she fell asleep. It's scary for them the first few nights away from their littermates! If you do go the crate route, put it in your bedroom. Pups bond when they are in the same room as you, and even that overnight time counts.

    I also had a round disc that could be heated up in the microwave, to simulate warm bodies/sleeping with her littermates. I warmed it, wrapped it in a blanket and put it in her little basket with her. I've heard other people use clocks that tick, to simulate a mothers heartbeat. Whether or not either of these ideas are comforting or not, or worthwhile, is up to you. Looking back, I probably didn't need to get that round heating disc...

    If you haven't already think about where you pup can and can't go. Do you need to block off areas of your house/staircases? If so, get a baby gate or place chairs nearby that can easily be put in place.

    Most of all, have fun and take LOTS of pictures!

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    DefaultRe: New puppy....What do I need

    Congrats on you new little one; we can't wait to see pics of him/her!!
    For toys suggestions, we started with some stuffed toys, nylabones, & kongs; but after a little bit we weren't able to let her have the stuffed toys anymore, she is too chewy with her stuff. I know others are able to allow them to have the stuffed toys all their lives.
    <br /><br />~ Angie &amp; Bailey ~<br />My Dogster Page:

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    regarese is offline Senior Member
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    DefaultRe: New puppy....What do I need

    Congrats on your new puppy!!

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    Dakkerdog is offline Senior Member
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    DefaultRe: New puppy....What do I need

    I'd say it sounds like you are off to a good start. Just be prepared for bringing home a baby. You will be up multiple times a night for 3-5 weeks depending on how long it takes for your puppy to get to the point of sleeping thru the night.

    Get something that you can make as a toy box so your puppy starts to learn where the toys are. This will help keep the puppy from just chewing what is in front of them vs going to the toy box over time.

    And have fun!
    Sharon, loved by Moose & Sky

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    DefaultRe: New puppy....What do I need

    Congrats on the puppy!

    My one suggestion is to make sure you get Large Breed puppy food like Iams Smart Puppy for large breeds. Regular puppy food is just too fatty for labs, who like to eat a lot!

    My other big suggestion is to have a blanket that will be just for your puppy. Put it in their crate and after time they'll identify it. Then you can put it in the car with the puppy on his/her first trip and he/she'll identify with it and feel more comfortable in the car (or wherever you happen to visit).

    Other than that, just have the camera ready and be ready to be tired! But it really is great

    The Potter Rotter, loved by David & Catherine,
    feared by squirrels everywhere

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    CHOCOLATA is offline Senior Member
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    DefaultRe: New puppy....What do I need

    Congratulations! Our puppy was probably conceived today - so we should get it in August. I already have circled toys in a catalog, name list going, you name it........ The excitement is ok ;D
    <br /><br />Zlata &amp; Chocolata

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    Knittwhit is offline Member
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    DefaultRe: New puppy....What do I need

    Our new fur baby was born on the Spring Equinox. Her older sister Windy was born on the Fall Equinox 2004. We won't know which of the yellow girls is our baby until we meet her at 5 weeks old. I can't wait!! The breeder sent a picture of the two girls at 5 days old....still can't figure out how to insert them in the message. I will by the time JJ comes home around Mother's day.

    For those of you who have brought home a second or more fur baby, any suggestions on easing the transition for the older dog. Can the two of them sleep in the same crate at the beginning? Windy still likes to go in her crate occasionally but seldom is the door closed anymore. I really don't have room for two crates in our bedroom and Windy really doesn't use it enough to justify getting a new one for the puppy.
    Knittwhit, Windy &amp; J.J.<br />....this is now.<br />

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    imported_gabbys mom is offline Senior Member
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    DefaultRe: New puppy....What do I need

    Bring a towel with you to visit the breeders and rub it on mom and the littermates. It will smell like mom and the littermates and will help ease the transition.

    Cheerios are good puppy treats.

    Feed whatever your breeder tells you to feed, unless they are feeding something that has been recalled or unless it is something terrible like ol' roy. You don't want to complicate housebreaking by switching foods.

    Baby gates were absolutely essential in keeping my sanity. Gabs could be in the kitchen with me, but not wander off any where else- or I could gate off the cat's food or the kid's toys or you get the idea.

    <br />U-CD Of Love and Other Demons, CD, RE, CGC (Gabby)<br />Maverick<br />Saint Louis

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    untold is offline Junior Member
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    DefaultRe: New puppy....What do I need

    A really good carpet cleaner, your puppy will go almost anywhere. Read the 'our best advice' page for more info. My puppy (even at six weeks) is already learning to go in the grass down stairs but his little bladder can't hold it yet.
    --<br />Mike owner of:<br />Toby the Yellow Lab, Born 2/14/2007

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