Does your puppy ever sleep?
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Thread: Does your puppy ever sleep?

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    DefaultDoes your puppy ever sleep?

    When I first got murphy at 8 weeks, for maybe the first month he would just fall asleep after a while. Now the only time he sleeps is in his crate, even if he is out romping all day, I take him for a walk and he plays in the sprinklers. If he is not in his crate he will just keep walking around chewing on his toys and checking things out well past my bedtime. He is almost 6 months now. I wouldnt mind letting him sleep outside the crate, but its like he never turns off. I am just wondering if anyone else's labs do this.

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    DefaultRe: Does your puppy ever sleep?

    Misty does not exactly do this; however, she definitely sleeps much less now than she used to. She used to sleep most of the day -- napping constantly, interrupted by brief periods of high activity. She is 17 weeks now; she will often, just like you said, simply stay awake and play. She WILL sometimes nap still, outside her crate, but by far she sleeps much less now, outside the crate, than she used to -- for what that's worth.


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    DefaultRe: Does your puppy ever sleep?

    Some dogs are just like that. Unless mine get some really good exercise, they tend to wonder around during the day and not sleep. They will sit around chewing a bone or just bug me. When they are 100% alert, that means they are bored so I'll do something with them -- take them on a walk, train, play, etc.

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    DefaultRe: Does your puppy ever sleep?

    I agree with Trickster, Bailey is like this too without really good exercise. Even after exercise sometimes, she tries to push on until she can't go anymore & crashes on her bed. We just recently started letting Bailey (1 year old) sleep out of her kennel at night & we're closing our bedroom door right now to limit her activity.

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    DefaultRe: Does your puppy ever sleep?

    When she is in her crate and she`s barking don`t be afraid to bang pots and pans above her crate saying no bark no bark. Or bang on her crate with your hand saying the same. I have a 4 month chocolate just got her 2 weeks ago and I do that and it works. It shows dominance.


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