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    we ended up with two lab pups, who r litter mates, owner didnt want to seperate them. well one pup picked up training very quickly. he has done awesome! He is retrieving ducks and geese, no problem. the other pup, well he just sits and watches, and will then go out and try and take whatever other pup is bringing to us, and they will then walk it up together. we have tried seperating, we have read all kinds of books, and their r no trainers in our area, that we know of, that will do this kind of training. we r in topeka, ks.
    any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hi, I also live in Topeka, KS.

    I don't know what to tell you but conventional wisdom on this forum is it's far better to not have two littermates -- that training will be more difficult.

    How old are your Labs?

    You might ask on our JL child-board that deals with hunt training, perhaps they'll have some ideas.

    Have you been training them separately, so they relate only to their handler and not to each other during training?

    I know a number of Lab owners and while a few hunt, none are "real serious" hunters.

    We do have a weekly hour for socializing our Labs to which you're very welcome to come.

    Attendance varies, as few as 2 and as many as 13 Labs with most counts being in the middle. It's every Saturday (except when there's lightning or tornados in our area) from 2-3 PM.

    During the summer (largely Central Daylight Time), we meet in a pine grove at the Big Shunga Park. Park in the western end of the lot that serves the 2400 SW 29th St. office building (on the N side of the street, just east of the Brookwood Shopping Center). In the winter we use a fenced ballfield in a different park.

    Leash your Labs, then walk west on the sidewalk until you see a grove of mature pines to the north. We're on the northern side of that grove. Depending on your Labs, once you get a safe distance near the grove and away from the street you can unleash them.

    We have a radio that gets emergency weather alerts when that's needed. We have a pan in which to pour water for the dogs. Bring some water for your dogs and a folding lawn chair for each person (unless you want to stand for an hour). Several people have bumpers/Training Dummies to sling to keep the dogs entertained.

    PM me if you have any questions.

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    we got the boys, thats what i call them, my boys, when they were 10 weeks old, and their 1st birthday was yesterday. we did make a mistake by getting litter mates, but we love them so much we cant do anything now, but make the best of the situation. i have talked to the breeder and he thinks trigger, is just being stubborn! but i know he has it in him to also be a good hunter, i just have to figure out how to get it out of him.
    thanks for the info on the meeting, that is nice that u all get together, like that.

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