which crate training schedule is best for puppy??
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Thread: which crate training schedule is best for puppy??

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    Defaultwhich crate training schedule is best for puppy??

    Hey all,
    Duke is about 9 weeks old, and we have been utilizing his crate to help us with potty-training. So far, so good....I just had a couple of questions as far as what you all think would be a better schedule for him while my hubby and I are both at work.
    I get up at 6:45-ish, let puppy out to potty, bring back in to eat breakfast, then take him outside to go again (this time #2 ) Then, I put him back in his crate for about an hour while I get ready for work. As soon as I'm ready to go, I take him out and play with him for about 45 minutes or so. Then, back into crate, while I go to work. For the past week since we've adopted him, I've split my hour lunch break into two 30 minute breaks (one at 11am, and the other at 2pm) so I can make sure he is getting outside often enough. Problem is, that by the time I get home for my break, I only have about 10 minutes with him. The good thing is that he's not in his crate for longer than 2.5-3 hours at a time.

    After my second lunch break, he goes back into his crate, and is there until my hubby gets home around 5:30 and lets him out for a couple of hours to play.

    So far, on this schedule, he hasn't had any accidents in his crate, or in the house after he's been outside. Do you think I swhould keep up with this for a few more weeks, or do you think he would be better off if I came home only once a day, but was able to spend almost 45 minutes with him at one time? If I do that, he may be in his crate for 4 hours at a time. Is this too long for a puppy of his age?

    I know this was a little long winded, hopefully you'll be able to give me some pointers. Thanks everyone!

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    DefaultRe: which crate training schedule is best for puppy??

    I think your doing great! I would probaby do your usual routine for another week or so then if all is good i think you could come home for longer stretch at noon - he'd probably like the longer one too cause you'd have more time to play!

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    DefaultRe: which crate training schedule is best for puppy??

    Your puppy is so cute!!! Sounds like you are doing great!

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    DefaultRe: which crate training schedule is best for puppy??

    It's up to you at 9 weeks Mocha was in her crate from 7:45a-5:30p with a very short potty break from my husband most days but not all. She never had any accidents. Every dog is different though maybe try just taking one break and see how he does.

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    DefaultRe: which crate training schedule is best for puppy??

    Sounds like a good schedule.If you can do this for a few more weeks and then cut back to the one midday potty break you'll be fine. After a few weeks you''ll get a better feel for how long your puppy can hold it.

    BTW Duke is a cutie!
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