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    Hello to all!!

    I'm having trouble with Brewster(4 months old) jumping on me and if I turn away and ignore him, he will gnaw on my ankles/shoe to no end. Can anyone help me correct these problems or give me advice. Thanks in advance

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    Hi--please search on this forum for threads on puppy biting and "jumping up." There are several excellent posts, in particular by FallRiver, on exactly this subject. If they don't answer your questions let us know.

    In short, there is an art and a science to giving "time outs," as well as giving verbal reprimands to puppies who are riled up. A time out needs to be to an area where there are few/no potential rewards (like a bathroom or mudroom or some other very boring place). Otherwise, as you have learned, the pup will make his or her own fun.

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    DefaultRe: Gnawing and Jumping

    You need to also tell him "NO" when his behavior is unacceptable. It's ok to tell him NO when he's biting at your feet or where ever, and when he's jumping on you.
    Remember to use the "NO" voice to get your point across.

    I posted this on another post earlier today regarding jumping:

    Re: Jumping labs
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    What worked for me is two things:

    First, I've used the hand up/palm forward hand motion whenever I say NO, so he has learned that as the my hand sign for NO. And I say NO JUMP when I put my hand up as he's coming towards me.

    Second, when I was training Rocket not to jump on me when I got home, I would come and and say the "hello Baby's" and the "It's so good to see you's", etc.
    I'll reach down and pet him and rub him and all that. As soon as he starts to lift his legs off the ground I stand back up and take my hands off him. (I do the hand up, "NO JUMP", thing too)

    He hates that I won't touch him and has recognized I don't touch him only when he starts to jump.

    Those worked better than kneeing him did. Plus, when he's running towards my neighbor to tell her hi, I can yell "NO JUMP" and he doesn't. Plus, I told her not to touch him or even bend down like she's going to pet him if he starts to jump. Fortunately, my friends and neighbors are good about following thru when I ask them to do things like this, and that helps so that he learns it's not just a rule with me, but with everyone.

    By the way - when I"m petting him I'm praising him and telling him what a good boy he is.


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