Question in regard to walking on leash and jumping
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Thread: Question in regard to walking on leash and jumping

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    DefaultQuestion in regard to walking on leash and jumping

    I have been lurking for the past couple of months reading all the advice. Now I have a question that I can't seem to find an answer to..kinda.
    OK, Bear will walk with his leash no problem. He likes to hold it in his mouth which I don't have a problem with. The problem is when he lets it go to go smell something and then JUMPS to get it back in his mouth. He does this almost the entire time. I have even tried giving him a stick to carry instead, but he drops that within a couple of steps and goes back for the leash. I wouldn't mind it if he didn't manage to always land on me or scratch me when he does this. >
    So ... what do I do to at least calm this down. Better yet, how do I get him to stop jumping on me. He's 6-7 months and hasn't done obedience yet, trying to find a place close, competent, and cheap enough to afford it. Other than this problem..I really don't have any trouble with him, except jumping the baby gate, but that isn't really entirely his fault, one of my friends decided he didn't want to open it and went over. Ever since, Bear jumps it at least 2x a day.. :

    This was the work of my mother on Valentine's day... : :P

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    DefaultRe: Question in regard to walking on leash and jumping

    I had a similar question not too long ago. The thread topic was, "Walking himself"

    I few people suggested I teach the "Out" command so he would walk without his leash in his mouth. This worked really well for us.

    Good luck, I'm sure you'll get some good advice on the jumping.

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    Dave_and_Christie Guest

    DefaultRe: Question in regard to walking on leash and jumping

    Sadie is/used to be a leash holder/biter. Unfortunately letting them get away with this will lead them to thinking it's playtime at one point or another, hence the jumping and excitement... and then even to biting in Sadie's case.

    The remedy - Zero tolerance to the leash being in the mouth...ZERO. When he gets the leash in his mouth, remove it quickly and step on the leash close to where it meets the collar (by the neck)with your foot. Bring your foot to the ground holding the leash down under it. Do this swiftly but also controlled and somewhat gentle as the dog will be forced close to the ground as well. Sadie now knows what happens when she acts up with the leash, so when I go to correct she pretty much just lays down most of the time (though I will still step on the leash). I wait generally 10-20 seconds, then we continue our walk. If she goes back to the leash, I do it again. It can be frustrating when they go back to the leash, but the idea of course is to always remain calm and keep the attitude in your head that "I can wait all day".
    Eventually they do stop..eventually. It saved me with Sadie. She acts up now only when she's having an extra full of P&vinegar type of day! : Mainly she's just letting me know, "Hey Pops, I got me some energy today and if you don't take me running to vent it, I'm taking it out on you or anything in my path"!!


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