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Thread: Dogs On Treadmills

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    DefaultDogs On Treadmills

    At what age is it safe to introduce a dog to a treadmill? I know there will be some days (thunder and lightning storms,etc.) where a walk won't be possible, so I am thinking when it's safe, to see if she'll take to the treadmill. Anybody in here have success with a treadmill?

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    DefaultRe: Dogs On Treadmills

    we don't have a treadmill, and i don't think i'd train my dogs to use them even if i had one. on days where physical exercise outdoors is not an option, we engage in mental exercises indoors, and doing so is just as effective if not more so than running/walking around outside. some days, we just lounge around and do nothing whatsoever, and the dogs are calm and happy.

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    DefaultRe: Dogs On Treadmills

    I agree with what has been said above.

    Although I don't live in a place where the weather is particularly volatile, you can still walk a dog in almost all weathers minus extreme storms, etc., and even then, storms pass.

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    DefaultRe: Dogs On Treadmills

    treadmills are a great way to exercise your dog...wait until they are old enough to take longer walks and hips have fully developed...never leave them on a treadmill by themselves...start the treadmill very slow and you can coax him/her with food out in front if need be...just make it fun and exciting and good luck...
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