Riley and meeting new kids
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Thread: Riley and meeting new kids

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    DefaultRiley and meeting new kids

    My Riley did something last night that I thought was interesting. We were out for a walk, and a group of about 5 kids came over to see her, and they asked if they could pet her (how thoughtful!). I told them yes, and made her sit first. Then as they were petting her, she peed all over! I am sure she was just excited, and the kids just laughed, but I am glad I was outside! Not trying to high-jack here, just wondering if anyone else has seen this in their lab...

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    DefaultRe: Riley and meeting new kids

    We've had this happen every once in awhile with Bailey, but only if she's been in her kennel for awhile & doesn't go outside to go potty before someone new is there.
    Yes, be glad that you were outside when it happened, I've only had to clean up once in the kitchen, but now we watch her & visitors more closely (going potty before meeting).
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