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    Yesterday we brought home Murphy, a 9 week old Chocolate lab. He loved the car, going to the bathroom outside was not an issues, nor were eating or all accounts we had a great first day! Understandably when we put him in his crate last night he barked incessently, until we moved our pillows and blankets to the living room floor next to his crate. Thinking this was just first night loneliness, we decided to go to lunch across the street (literally 30 minutes). We put Murph in his cage with his puppy kong (and a little bit of peanut butter), and he was a happy guy. Until we returned from lunch and could hear his bark from the 1st floor (we are on the 3rd floor of a garden style apartment complex). In my limited lab experience, letting him bark it out would work, however in an apartment this isn't an option (especially not at night).

    So is this serious separation anxiety? If so, what would you recommend? He has no problem sleeping in the crate, door open and/or closed when we are around...We've tried a comforting towel and putting his bowl/treats in his crate (associating it with happy and good things).

    Thanks in Advance!

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    I think it probably is -- that's a common reaction among Lab puppies which hate & protest being separated from their peeps.

    I recommend Dr. Patricia McConnell's $8 booklet, "I'll Be Home Soon" --it gives you an effective protocol for handling this.

    You can order it from

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