Just published, Vol. 3 of "Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior & Training"
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Thread: Just published, Vol. 3 of "Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior & Training"

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    DefaultJust published, Vol. 3 of "Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior & Training"

    I just got a notice from Amazon that Volume 3 of Steven Lindsay's "Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior and Training: Procedures and Protocols" (Hardcover) by Steven Lindsay has been published.* Like the preceding 2 volumes, it's priced at $100 (US).

    The 4 reader reviews of it on Amazon are unanimous in rating it tops.* One person, a certified animal behaviorist said if she could only have 3 books, she'd take the 3 volumes; if she could have only one, she'd choose this Vol. 3.

    I've not read this one but will get it sometime in '07.* I bought the 2 previous volumes and while I think they have some value, I'm not as ecstatic as the person I paraphrased.

    I also wrote Amazon reviews of the earlier volumes and one of my criticisms** was that Lindsay tried very hard to be as comprehensive as possible -- he's worked on writing these 3 books for 25 years.* BUT his evaluations of the various contributions sometimes fall short or incomplete.* For instance, possibly in Vol. 1 (or maybe 2?) he discusses contributions of psychoanalysis.*

    All of my therapy supervisors at The Menninger Foundation were analysts and I also completed a 5 year personal analysis.* I'm aware that there are MANY schools of psychoanalysis (ego psychology, object relations, Jungian, Adlerian, Freudian, to name some) which have conflicting principles.* So for Lindsay to treat "psychoanalysis" as if it were a unitary, monolithic school of thought doesn't display much critical judgment or grasp of the territory.

    I also thought too much of his writing was pedantic, paraphrasing things he'd read without thoroughly digesting them.

    I am also fairly well versed in ethology and comparative psychology and I don't recall Lindsay making many mistakes as he summarizes their relevant findings.

    Volume 3 is a more comprehensive book than most dog owners would want.* But certainly most behaviorists would want to have it for reference.

    For the general public, there are other useful, less expensive and less encyclopedic books available.


    *** I just checked the Reader Reviews on Amazon for Vols. 1 & 2.* Apparently they prune reviews that they consider too critical because the ones I wrote are missing.* And that's not the first time I've seen that happen on Amazon -- while I use and like Amazon, I think that practice is deceptive and unethical.
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    DefaultRe: Just published, Vol. 3 of "Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior & Training"

    thanks for the review and info

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