Baseball glove- a good toy or not??
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Thread: Baseball glove- a good toy or not??

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    DefaultBaseball glove- a good toy or not??

    Hi all-

    Kaylee loves playing and chewing on an old baseball glove I had sitting on the floor. I checked it over, cut the brass strap adjustment off, left the rawhide laces in, and cleaned it up pretty well. I don't think it was ever oiled and it's old, so it's made with real nice thick leather. I smeared a little beef bullion in it and put some kibble in it as well and she likes it better than her various Kong toys. She loses interest in those pretty quickly, no matter what we put in it. She'd go at the glove all day if i lether!

    I'm pretty sure this is too good to be true and that there's some horrible chemical in baseball glove leather that someone will post, or she'll have a taste for leather now,so there goes the couch and all our shoes!

    Any pros or cons?



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    DefaultRe: Baseball glove- a good toy or not??

    I think it will be fine (but I don't know of any deadly chemicals in baseball gloves either ). She will consider it her toy. The leather sofa and leather shoes are not her toys. The only issue I can think of is if you have another baseball glove that you don't want her to chew on since she won't be able to tell the difference.

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    DefaultRe: Baseball glove- a good toy or not??

    If it were my dog I wouldn't want them eating a glove because I wouldn't want her to get to enjoy the taste of leather. First its the glove then next its a good pair of shoes.


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