Grabbing treats.
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Thread: Grabbing treats.

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    DefaultGrabbing treats.

    We started obedience class last week and I've been using liver treats as one of the rewards. Tonight when we were training Brigetta was grabbing for the treat. She would try and snap it out of my fingers. She has never done this before. Whenever I give her a treat she takes it gently. Sometimes even hesitantly if it's something she has never had. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to stop this? Thanks.

    Teresa, mom to Brigetta and Prudence

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    DefaultRe: Grabbing treats.

    they sound like extra-exciting treats!
    never toss a treat, that snap is a reflex that you don't want to enforce.
    place Any treat in your firmly-closed fist. if she snaps, you can get it away, without her getting it, thus the behavior will not become rewarding to her. do not re-offer the treat untill she settles down, and keep that fist closed, so there's never inadvertent treating for poor actions! yes, your knuckles may take a will get quicker, and better at reading her intentions!
    you can also preface offering the treat by commanding a controlled behavior like a 'sit', so that she needs to focus, and listen.
    you can also say ''eeee--zzz--eee'' in a low, quiet voice right before you proffer the treat--most dogs seem to instinctively understand this drawn-out intonation

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    DefaultRe: Grabbing treats.

    i was trying to train rocky today also. how do u train them how to sit , heel & stay?like today i said sit with a hand signal,im not sure if when he sat it was just coincidence i gave him a treat after that hes trying to get my hands and bite..everytime i try to touch his head hes trying to bite my hand ..what should i do?


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