Training dogs to a Potty spot
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Thread: Training dogs to a Potty spot

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    DefaultTraining dogs to a Potty spot

    We will be movign soon to a very large yard (like 300ft long) I don't want to have to search the whole lawn on poop and scoop days - how do you train a 2 1/2 yr old and a 9 month old to stay in one area to poop? should we fence off an area for them to go in and reward them when they do - should we move any stry "accidents" into the area to reinforce the "potty spot?

    any thoughts would be great!

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    DefaultRe: Training dogs to a Potty spot

    I have Rowan on leash when I am taking her to go potty... she goes to the same area always to do number 1 and then another for for #2. She then is allowed to play.. after she has done her business.
    It is alot easier cleaning up this way. JMO.


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