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    We are on day 3 of our 9 week puppy. We took the advice of kennel training and we have followed the schedule plan that she was on. Understandably she is going through the change of residency.

    At night, her kennel is in our bedroom; she has been getting up twice a night, barking and howling. I have taken her out and she did need to relieve herself. Before going to bed she was walked. Any suggestions? or is this normal. I dont want her to develop a pattern.

    2.) I got a Kong, where i stuff the tip with a treat for her to chew on, but it does not seem to be enough.

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    This is totally normal. The puppy does not want to soil it's "nest", therefore will howl and carry on. As she grows, her GI tract will develop to the point where she will be able to go through the night without an accident. The crate just reinforces the pattern of doing business outside. Over a short period of time she will really bond with the crate and associate it as her safe place.

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    Hang in there. It will get better, and before you know it she will enjoy being in her crate. Good luck.

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    Personally, I would not build a lot of activity around taking her out in the middle of the night. Get up, take her out, she does her thing, you put her back in the crate, everybody goes back to sleep.

    If you walk her or feed her in the middle of the night that further energizes her and further reinforces a pattern of behavior I surely would not want happening long term in my house.

    She may squawk about going back in the crate initially but once this pattern is established she will quietly go back to sleep.
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    This is helpful, as I will be bringing home a little bundle of joy at the end of May.

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