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    So many people ask and I give this advice over and over again. So, I thought I would finally write an article about housebreaking to let other dog parents know they are not alone.

    Housebreaking Your Lab:

    Constructive feedback is always welcome!

    Lab smiles!

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    DefaultRe: Housebreaking

    I kind of skimmed the article, but the gist is constant repetition and routine. I was up in the middle of several nights with both guys. I finally put in dog doors, which allows them to go when they need to go without having me around. Sometimes I might wake up only to hear the dog door flip open and close.

    The crate is great and they are target on. Dogs hate to mess their dens. We crated our guys for about 10 days then just did intensive supervision.

    The repetition is key and pays big dividends in the long run.


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