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    Hey All,

    I think by me being a loving parent I might have set my puppy back a little. I know dogs are creatures of habit and I was wondering if I can get some advice. I have a puppy of about 8.5 months that has had an accident in her crate twice now. First let me say that about 3 or 4 times a week she goes to daycamp and plays all day, but since we are not made of money we can't take here everyday and she is in the crate when she is not at day camp. We have 2 different crates a medium and a large. The first time she made a mistake she was in the medium one and she had been in the crate for about 4.5 hours and when I came home she was laying in her pee. Now jump to today and I have moved her to the larger crate and put her in the crate this morning at around 8:30 am and when I got home around 1:00pm she had peed in the crate.

    I am trying to get her to go a whole 8 hours without coming out of the crate, so I don't have to come home. One idea I had was to first stop bringing her to daycamp for a couple of weeks and have her in the crate all day. What I can do is start out with a 4 hour interval and move like 10 min every couple of days until she is at 7-8 hours. I was wondering what people thought

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    DefaultRe: Crate Mistake

    No expert here, just some thoughts. You may not be making any mistakes; maybe they were just accidents, those kind that happen for no apparent reason.

    Any chance she may have a UTI? Not familiar with females, but could that be a possibility causing accidents in the crate? Again, just a thought.

    At 81/2 months, she should be well able to hold it 4 hours or longer. Starting at 4 hours and extending the time, I think, is a good idea. The way my work schedule is, mine's never been crated all day (8 hours), but many people work that long, and I'm thinking that at 8 1/2 months, they should be able to hold it that long? I'm not sure, so hopefully someone else with experience will chime in.

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    DefaultRe: Crate Mistake

    I don't understand how you think it's related to daycamp. Seems to me that she should be able to hold it longer than she is. Is she really tanking up on the water in the mornings? If so, you might want to limit that a bit since you'll be coming home in a few hours and she can have more water then. Are you making sure that she goes to the bathroom right before you leave her in the crate? Also, do you have towels or blankets in the bottom of the crate? If so, I'd remove them.

    I'm sorry I don't have more advice. I do have experience w/ a UTI but it was much more frequent peeing than this -- as in sevreal times an hour, and not alot each time.

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    DefaultRe: Crate Mistake

    I would try to make sure she isn't drinking too much water in the mornings. Sometimes, I leave my house at 7 to take the kids to school and stay gone until they get out doing errands, we don't get back home until around 1. I have a water bottle attached to his crate so he has access to water but isn't able to gulp it down (or try to take a swim in his water bowl as he seems to enjoy doing :).

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    DefaultRe: Crate Mistake

    Is it a hassle to come home?

    I don't crate my dog anymore, and I STILL come home everyday at lunch to let him out, run around and to eat lunch that I don't have to spend additional money on.

    I'd have her medically checked for a UTI...otherwise, just continue to go home and let her out.
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    DefaultRe: Crate Mistake

    Hi! A dog that age should be able to hold it all day. It's probably just accidents, they happen, but if it persists, you might want to have her checked out for UTI.

    Good luck!


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