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Thread: Eye and Mouth issues

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    I posted this in the health area but this one seems more active...

    I just had Annie (10 months) into the vet. Her eye was swollen. Nothing in her eye or scratches so he gave a topical antibiotic. He went to give her an oral antihistimine (in case of allergic reaction to bug bite) and she yelped when he opened her mouth. She did the same for me, which is something she has never done before. He felt around in her mouth but did not want to sedate her to get a closer look.

    I brought her home and she was drooling out of one side of her mouth this afternoon and tonite. She ate her supper, but will not open her mouth. She is real droopy and just not herself.

    1. Any thoughts?

    2. What is the name of the good vet reference book?

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    DefaultRe: Eye and Mouth issues

    Dog Owner's Veterinary Handbook by James Giffin and Liisa D. Carlson
    The drooling could be a sign of stress.
    Could you get her to lay down on her side and try and open her mouth. See if you can look in with a flashlight and see if anything is caught in her teeth.

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    DefaultRe: Eye and Mouth issues

    Check the roof of her mouth real good too...sometimes they can get sticks caught up in there. If it continues, someone is going to have a good look in there and see what is going on. Good luck with her.


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