Liking one family member more than others...
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Thread: Liking one family member more than others...

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    DefaultLiking one family member more than others...

    I know this is weird..
    Is it common for a dog to love one family member more than the others. I know I'm being silly.
    Here is the situation. My fiancee is the one that does the training with Pi. She is less stern with him then I am. Less likely to discipline him.

    He won't come to me if called if she is around. He follows her in and out of rooms and not me.

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    DefaultRe: Liking one family member more than others...

    Oh's a good thing you are cute

    He loves you, and SUPRISE...more then likely has more respect for you then her. Wait until he starts humping...then you will know for sure.

    Maybe next class, switch off and you train him. He loves you, just different then her. Just like you love him differently then her.

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    DefaultRe: Liking one family member more than others...

    It definately helps to share the training. Mocha is my dog even though I live with my fience she follows me everywhere and will only listen to me if I'm in the house. I do all the training, dicipline, feeding, and letting outside though for the most part so she listens to me. Our Yorkie is the same ironically though because he is my fience's dog but he follows me and will always come and lay on my lap if I sit down with him even if hubby's in the room. It's the same though I do most of the care taking and dicipline even though hubby spends more quality time with him.


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