Pup peed in crate
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Thread: Pup peed in crate

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    DefaultPup peed in crate

    Is this normal for an 8 week old pup? This was the first time at night that she has done this. It appeared she had done it twice.
    Should I take her bed out of the crate?
    Thanks so much.

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    DefaultRe: Pup peed in crate

    Yes, it is totally normal. You need to get her into a routine and take her out to pee every few hours. Every 1-2 hours ideally. The more you take her out the less chance there is for accidents. You should probably be taking her out at least once at night.

    If you want a bed for her crate, just use some old clothes/blankets or something. Don't bother buying anything expensive because there is a good chance it will get shredded or peed/pooped on. When my dogs where pups I used to get bedding for their crates from charity shops -- cheap bedding and the money goes to a great cause.

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    DefaultRe: Pup peed in crate

    My son uses a beach towel in his new pup's crate. He bought a nice crate pad but for now feels its better to use something cheap, easy to clean and you wont care if it gets chewed/ruined.

    Does your pup have too much room to move around? If the crate has a divider, use it. Just enough room to turn around and lie down in, is what they recommend.

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    DefaultRe: Pup peed in crate

    If you haven't got it yet you need to get Nature's Miracle or something like it to remove any oders that the puppy can smell that you can't.


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