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    Our 14 month old female pup who is aprox. 80lbs. has so much energy when we get home it is like she has been shot out of a cannon. I know she needs to run and we hit tennis balls to her but what is the command to say or any hints to get her calm while we are changing from work clothes or bringing in groceries etc; - Lately I have been putting my hand out straight to her and saying down and this seems to stop her from jumping directly on me at high speed- but I was wanting some other advice. You all give great tips. thanks

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    DefaultRe: Shot out of a cannon

    Leave her in her crate until you are ready to deal with her. That's what I do. Miles waits while I bring in groceries and at least get them on the kitchen counter.

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    DefaultRe: Shot out of a cannon

    How much exercise does she get? it is totally normal for a dog to react that way when you return from a long day at work...she has a lot of energy to burn! try taking her out for a 45-60 minute off leash walk so she can run and explore.

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    DefaultRe: Shot out of a cannon

    One thing you can try is leashing her to a closed door and make her sit. Approach her, if she breaks the sit, leave the room for about 2 minutes and then come back. Labs hate to be away from their people when they can help it. If she doesn't break the sit give her a very small food reward. When you can get her to sit effectively get other family members to do it then friends. The final test is outside with strangers. Its alot of work but so worth the effort.

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    DefaultRe: Shot out of a cannon

    Quote Originally Posted by Trickster
    it is totally normal for a dog to react that way when you return from a long day at work
    i agree. both mine are crazy excited when i get home, but the high energy doesn't last more than a minute.
    i let them outside for potty and they run around to burn off the extra energy and they are fine.
    i have noticed that with taylor, my youngest girl, it helps when she has something to grab and hold in her mouth. whenever she is highly excited, holding a toy in her mouth seems to help, and she always looks for something when she gets that way.

    "Properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend." ~ Corey Ford

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    DefaultRe: Shot out of a cannon

    I'm curious how much exercise she gets earlier in the day? I too have a high energy dog and he needs to go out first thing for at least an hour or there is no living with him. On regular work days we also send them to an off-leash daycare (7.5 acres) and employ a walker to do the 20-20-20 2x daily (walk 20 minutes, play ball 20 minutes and work on heel, sititng at corners etc 20 minutes). Really.

    If regular vigorous exercise is not the problem, then it may just be excitement and lack of self-control. I find being low key and ignoring Oz when I first get home is important. I've actually sat down and "read" the paper for 5 minutes to make myself calm. If I give off an excited vibe, he gets more excited. We also practice simple commands like sit/stay with rewards at the door prior to going out. This all happens within 5-10 minutes of getting home BTW.


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