Garbage raider problem
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Thread: Garbage raider problem

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    DefaultGarbage raider problem

    Bunny has been raiding the garbage, I have been using hot sauce to keep her away from it (Thank God, my husband has an unlimited collection from everywhere he goes-that is the way Bear learned-), today I discovered her breaking the bags that were outside on the front yard, from the spots that didnt have hot sauce >. I dont have a place to put the bags where she cant reach it and my point is to teach her to stay away from it.

    She is learning to not break the food bag, so I'm sure she can learn to not raid the garbage (I hope ???)

    Advice please :-\

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    DefaultRe: Garbage raider problem

    Teach and use LEAVE IT!

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    DefaultRe: Garbage raider problem

    I have a complusive garbage raider myself. Leave it, water bottle, tobasco, bitter apple, everything I tried didn't work. She cannot control herself. I know have all our garbage in a cold cellar where she can't get into it, and the cupboard under the sink gets locked when we are not home. If we don't lock it, she opens it. Sometimes, just sometimes, she will open the cupboard while we are upstairs getting ready to go to work, but not touch the garbage.

    Sorry I have no real advice right now for you, just good luck. But I would try leave it since she is still pretty small. If not, you may need to get your SU to make you a simple wooden box to store it all in.
    Me, Abzilla and the Helomonster.

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    DefaultRe: Garbage raider problem

    Unless you are there to correct her on the spot there is very little you can do for garbage raiding. For dogs that love food raiding the garbage is the ultimate reward. It is self re-enforcing.

    I have two dogs that will raid the garbage at any given opportunity and unfortunately for us management is the best policy.


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