My 8 Mo. old eats EVERYTHING
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Thread: My 8 Mo. old eats EVERYTHING

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    DefaultMy 8 Mo. old eats EVERYTHING

    Overall Bailey is very mouthy. She always has been. She licks like a lizzard any time you are in range of her tongue. SHe is a retrieving fool so we have encouraged her to carry things around. The biggest problem is that when off leash, she will eat anything. Landscaping bark is one of her favorite snacks. Just yesterday I was taking her for a run in a park. She got out of the car and immediately found a large wad of bubble gum which she proceeded to swollow. While on the run she stopped of numerous times to eat something, deer poop (another favorite) or a nest of field mice. I had her on a 50' check cord, but this all happens so fast that she has already swollowed whatever by the time I get to her. On the way to the car she stopped off to eat something and I caught her. She had a 2" dirt ball in her mouth. I am very frustrated and don't know how to stop her. I can't muzzlle her as she then can't fetch the bumpers. I should add that she is not distructive inside our house other than she works over her chew toys and soft toys pretty bad. She does not chew the carpet etc. She is just very focused on eating anything that smells. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Teach her "leave it". I did this by :

    Put something on the floor in front of her, with a treat in your hand. When she goes for it, say firmly "LEAVE IT" and immediately put the treat in front of her instead. Reward with the treat. Do this over and over and over and over and over and over and over again!

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