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    So I've got more questions, and you guys always seem to be the best help. Rex seems to have quite the case of separation anxiety nowadays. We had recently been keeping in a pretty empty room with a big bed and his crate when we leave during the day, until now. We noticed that he has completely chewed apart the window frames on the windows only facing the backyard and garage. There are more windows in the room but only the ones he can see us leave from, he wrecked. Earlier today when my boyfriend left for work, Rex was in such a tizzy he jumped onto the kitchen counter trying to get out and broke a bunch of dishes. Then tonight I brought him down to my parents house and left for about 10 minutes to pick up some food. When I got back my mom told me he sat by the window and didn't stop whining until I was back in site. Will he grow out of this?? I am starting to feel completely guilty whenever I leave now, because I just wonder how hes doing!

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    So the crate is open or is he escaping? I take our pup for an hour walk at 6 - he hangs around as my wife and I are getting ready to leave for the day and then goes in his crate. He passes out as soon as he hits the floor. One of us will come home mid-day to walk him for 20 minutes or so and give him lunch.

    We fed him his meals in the crate when he was first getting used to the crate and would lay with him when he wasn't happy about being in there. Now he does fine with it and like the books say he likes it as his little den and doesn't make a sound or have any accidents during the day.

    When we were first getting into the routine we could definitely tell that he was going down quicker and easier the more we walked him. I even bought a little auto on voice recorder (we are in NYC and there are strict rules about barking) to see if he was having issues during the day and thankfully it hasn't been necessary (yet)! We are also careful not to make a big deal about coming and going and following the crate training routine.

    Basically crate training and a lot of walking have seemed to work well so far.

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    DefaultRe: Separation Anxiety

    How old is Rex? And how much exercise does he get before you leave him?* As I understand your post, he is in a room w/ his open crate, but not crated.* For his safety, I would go back to crating him while you are gone.* But before you crate him, make sure he has had full-body exercise (more than a stroll around the block).* Take him for a long walk (add a little running here and there if he's not too young).* Or take him to a dog park.* Spend 20 mintues playing fetch or chase.* Whatever it takes to get him worn out!*

    Also, never make a big deal out of leaving or coming home.* It should be very matter-of-fact.*

    Edited to add: If you aren't already using frozen Kongs when you leave, I highly encourage this. Mine so looks forward to getting a Kong she probably wishes I'd leave several times a day. :

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    DefaultRe: Separation Anxiety

    He is almost 5 months old right now. Normally he gets a lot of exercise everyday before we leave him, and normally hes only in there for maybe 3 hour time spans. One of us comes home at lunch everyday to run him around and feed him. We have started using the crate again, and he still doesn't mind going in it. He plops right down and is just fine until we are out of site, then he barks like a madman. When we get home he looks completely content in his crate. I do normally leave him a treat in his crate when I leave; a small rawhide or something. What are frozen kongs? I mean I have a kong, but do i fill it with something, then freeze it? Or just freeze it? I tried leaving a peanut butter filled one in there for him once, he hated it. I ended up having to try and clean gooey old peanut butter out of it! Thanks for all the help!

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    DefaultRe: Separation Anxiety

    Get Dr. McConnell's booklet, "I'll Be Home Soon"

    Read the booklet.

    Do what the booklet says.


    I'm not trying to be insulting.

    It's just that I remember a friend's advice about
    his 4 sure-fire rules for playing winning bridge:

    1. Get a book on bridge.

    2. Read the book on bridge.

    3. Do what the book says.

    4. Get some Aces and Kings.
    Puff [YF, AKC field line (from competing HT/FT breeder) 62 lbs, dob: 8-'01]

    Bess [BF, AKC bench line (from competing show breeder) 55 lbs., 1967-1981] "Poor Bess, the Wonder Dog":


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