Bed inside crate?
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Thread: Bed inside crate?

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    DefaultBed inside crate?

    We just got our first Lab. "Sandy" is almost 8 weeks old. Picking up a Life Stages crate model: #1642 today after work to start her crate training as soon as possible.
    We would also like to get her a bed. Question is: should I get something that covers the whole crate or maybe half the crate?. Not sure if it might be a better idea to just leave the bed ouside for her to lay on it during the day and leave the crate bare, to keep her there during the night,etc.
    Have seen on past postings that fellow members place the food inside, some don't....
    I would like your opinions on this matter and any other crating tips you might have would be greatly appreciated.
    We are really glad we found this forum, It is an invaluable source of information!!!!

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    DefaultRe: Bed inside crate?

    Congratulations on your new baby.* Pictures are a requirement* ;D

    I would not put the bed in the crate.* Not yet, anyway.* Not until potty training is complete and you know she won't chew it up.* Make sure your crate has a divider, or you can fashion one out of something else.* You must make the area just large enough for her to turn around in, and no more.* If it's too large your puppy will feel free to poop and pee in one end and sit in another.*

    Remember that at 8 weeks the most your puppy will be able to "hold it" is 3 hours during the day.* With any luck, and withholding water after about 7 p.m., you will get a longer stretch at night (mine was holding it all night long by 8 1/2 weeks, but that's not the norm).*

    A couple of other things -- always remove your puppy's collar before crating.* There have been cases of dogs getting entangled and strangling.* Also be careful what you leave in there -- stuffed animals can be destuffed and be a choking hazard.*

    Oh, and invest in Kongs ... lots of kongs. These are invaluable!

    Edited to add: You do want to make the crate "a happy place". Reserve special treats, kongs, etc, just for the crate. My girl is 15 months old and she knows if she goes in her crate she's going to get a treat. She loves her crate and will often lay in it "just because". She has full run of the house, so it's just something she chooses to do.

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    DefaultRe: Bed inside crate?

    Will be posting picture soon......Thanks for the advice!

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    DefaultRe: Bed inside crate?

    Agree with ThatsMyGirl 100%

    Especially on the pictures and kongs

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    DefaultRe: Bed inside crate?

    I bought a few comforters at our local Salvation ARmy... brought them home and washed them up. I alternate between the two when I do laundry. Rowan is fine with them ~ I was worried about chewing but I have lots of toys in there to keep her occupied. (She chews everything else in the house when the opportunity arises).. :

    Rowan does well in her crate. I have it divided and only give her enough room to sleep. She goe about 7-8 hrs a night with no accidents. ;D


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