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    DefaultPlaying getting out of hand.....

    We have "adopted" a puppy (not a lab) and I am not very knowledgeable about what behaviors are ok and which need to be addressed. Vet said she is about 12-14 weeks, but we have no idea what she might be. She is very small - only weighed 5.6 lbs when I took her to the vet on 4/3. She is thin due to her hard start on life, but we are slowly trying to get the weight on her.

    Dixie has been the only dog in our household. We have never owned two dogs at once, so I have no idea how they should act together. Dixie gets very excited when they play and usually puts the puppy on her back. She is very mouthy with her and pushes her around with her nose. The puppy is not scared of her, but you can tell that she knows when Dixie means business. I just want to know at what point I step in. I don't want the puppy to get hurt, but at the same time I want Dixie to be able to establish some ground rules with her. Any suggestions?


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    I had an adult female dog who behaved as yours is with my neighbor's puppy. I too thought that she was a little over enthusiastic - but she really had it under control. She would flip that puppy on his back when he was too mouthy with her and she would nip his heels and make him fall on his side - but she never hurt him and he learned quickly how to behave with her. I think having an adult female around helps to get the mouthiness puppies exhibit under control very quickly.

    I have a 16 week old puppy and when I first brought him home my adult male was just a bit too physical - he liked to pin the puppy down with his body and he hurt him in the process. I did step in until he started behaving more appropriately with the puppy - and he did so pretty short order.

    If your puppy is coming away from these play sessions ok - then I would stay out of it. Your girl probably knows how far she can go.

    And - the puppy may have boxer in her or pit bull or even some daschund. Lots of breeds have brindle as a coat color.
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    Labradors can play very rough from time to time, that shouldnt be a problem, if the other dog can handle that

    And it seems, that you have a little pup in youre house with a bad start in life, so if one of the two play to roughly, just give them a time out, and seperate them for a few minutes ...

    The little pup also must learn, that playing with other dogs can be fun, and there's just one bad 'thing' needed, from thinking that playing with other dogs is a horrible thing to do

    But as i see the picture you placed in this thread, she has allready been accepted by the older dog (otherwise, they dont lay togheter)

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