Is Puppy Too Young To Potty Train ??
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Thread: Is Puppy Too Young To Potty Train ??

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    DefaultIs Puppy Too Young To Potty Train ??

    I remember when my son was little people would tell me he was just too little to learn to potty train.
    Do you think this is true with pups as well. At 8 weeks old, Boo (male black) just isn't getting it.
    He'll go outside, we praise & reward immediately. Then he'll come in and poop on the rug and pee again.
    (Steam cleaning my rug for the 2nd time this week, by the way* : )
    I take him out at the right times...upon waking, about 10-15 minutes into playtime, after playtime, after he eats.
    I am giving plenty of time outside. He walks and walks. Even when he does poop outside, he'll come back in the house &
    10 minutes later pee on the rug. AHHHH.
    I also have Gertie (5mo. old female) who was a dream to potty train compared to Boo.
    The dogs LOVE each other, get along great.

    Crate training not going real well either. HATES the crate. Barks and bangs into the sides of it.
    Maybe this is the problem. If I could rely more on the crate perhaps potty training would
    be more successful. I am home all day and really hate to have the dogs in the crate unless I can't be right there to watch them.

    Any tips appreciated.

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    DefaultRe: Is Puppy Too Young To Potty Train ??

    Heavens no, 8 weeks isn't too young to potty train. It starts the day you bring them home. Some take longer to learn than others is all.

    You're doing the right things, and others will reply too with advice. (I was like you, I didn't crate when I was home with him, but just watched him constantly.)

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    DefaultRe: Is Puppy Too Young To Potty Train ??

    Since you have an older dog, that can help. My lab trained easily in part, I think, because my elderly Springer would go out & pee at the same time, so Corby followed by example. Of course, she doesn't need to go as often, but the habit of following her off the porch to see what she was up to seemed to help him understand. We also "bell" trained, which involves a bell on the doorknob (such as Christmas bells or sleigh bells) which you nudge his nose on each time you go outside. This lets him communicate to you when he needs to go and also he will connect ringing the bell with going out to pee. There are lots of threads about potty training, so a quick search will find you lots of info. Good luck!

    I love your signature pic, they look adorable together!

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    DefaultRe: Is Puppy Too Young To Potty Train ??

    Persist with the crate. Even if he barks and whines, ignore him. He has to get used to it and this will only come with time.

    To speed up potty training don't let him wander around loose in the house. Keep him leashed to you and learn to read his body movements. I found that when my dogs were pups they started sniffing around frantically if they needed to potty.

    The more you avoid the crate the worst he will be when it is time to go in it.


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