How to give treats?? without getting jumped?
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Thread: How to give treats?? without getting jumped?

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    DefaultHow to give treats?? without getting jumped?

    How do you feed the pup their treat when they folllow a command without allowing them to scratch you? Gannon will sit on command but as soon as I reach to feed him his treat he paws my arm. Same with down, he goes down when I move th treat from his nose to the floor but he jumps my hand with both paws and scratches me...

    I have started having him sit and putting the treat out in front of him with a wait until I get my hand out of the way to release him with a go ... this is just a band aid though because I have to be able to feed him by hand without him jumping me....and it only works for sit not down

    My arms look a mess, not from his puppy teeth but from his nails. :-\

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    DefaultRe: How to give treats?? without getting jumped?

    First, probably time for a pedicure. Blunt nails are a little easier to deal with than the sharp ones.

    I would also start working with lower-value treats - kibble, or cheerios - something a little less exciting. If you have someone that can help you, have the helper hold the leash. (If not, tether the dog to a door or something). Give the command, then treat as you usually do. When he jumps up or paws, give a verbal correction AH AH or WRONG, remove the treat, stand up, turn your back and walk away. Remain facing away for a few seconds, then repeat.

    Seperately, work on this exercise:

    Good luck!


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