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    My new puppy (8.5 weeks) poos every time he is left alone. He did it yesterday when we left him for 1 hour. He did it this morning when my fiance left for work. It was weird this morning because I got up five minutes later so some time between when I got up and when she left is when he pooped. Is this normal?

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    DefaultRe: Pooping out of Fear

    You said he does it every time. How many times has this happened?

    A couple of things -- comings and goings should be VERY low-key. Never make a big deal out of leaving ... and never make a big deal out of coming home. In fact, you might even want to wait a few minutes before you remove your puppy from the crate, and even then just sort of ignore him. (Yes, I know this asking alot). Also, just in case this isn't a separation thing, have you made his crate space small -- as in just enough room to turn around? Dogs should not want to soil their living space ... but if he has enough room to poop at one end and move to the other, he will. One last thing, are you saving a special treat just for when you leave him? Sami gets stuffed kongs but they are reserved only for times when she has to be in her crate. I swear I think she looks forward to the times I leave her just so she can get a kong.

    Of course, lastly, your puppy is brand new to your home and surroundings. It's going to take some time for him to learn your routine. Just be VERY consistent in everything you do. I'm always amazed at how much they learn just because it's always been the routine.


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