Foster dog issues: he is big, ours is small
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Thread: Foster dog issues: he is big, ours is small

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    DefaultFoster dog issues: he is big, ours is small

    Howdy all! First time poster here.

    We are currently fostering a lab mix (maybe some red husky?) named Riley. He is maybe 2 or 3 years old and has a great disposition, with tons of potential. His previous owner did little if anything to discipline him, so he's somewhat rambunctious, but seems eager to please. Our big issue with him is that we have a cocker spaniel mix, Kellee, who likes hiim well enough, EXCEPT when he wants to play. At playtime, if I'm not there to intervene, he literally overwhelms her. Part of the problem is hers. She bares her fangs when he gets rough and snaps at him with these piercing yelps as if he's doing serious damage in his roughhousing, which makes him more excited. The hair on his neck and shoulders raises. He doesn't bite or mouth her, he just swats at her and knocks her around and uses his body weight to pin her against things, not in a gentle way. I don't trust them alone for her sake. What I do now is use his leash to allow some play, and to correct him when he starts to get rough. Without the leash, Kellee gets flattened. Other than that, they seem to get laong fine. Kellee doesn't show any signs of jealousy, and they can share a bowl of food or water (they each have their own, but you know how dogs always think the other one has something better. They also get walked daily, but separately (wife walks Kellee in the afternoon, I walk Riley before bed). We've had Riley for a week, so both dogs are still adjusting, but I'm not sure this will work if we can't break him of his roughhousing. Am I headed in the right direction with the leash training? Would walking them together help? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    DefaultRe: Foster dog issues: he is big, ours is small

    Hiya! Welcome to our Labby world ;D OK one question...Do you get down in the floor with him and play rough? Maybe you could rough house with him and when he gets too rough you can teach him EASY. This has worked wonders with me. It began when my pup would try to chomp my fingers off when i treated her. I would not give her a treat unless she was gentle, and boy she caught on quick. Now i've moved it to walking when she pulls. She knows that when i say easy, she better stop what she's doing and pay attention to me or she wont get a treat. It also works with kids, other people etc.

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    DefaultRe: Foster dog issues: he is big, ours is small

    It sounds like you're doing fine. I don't know that you'll ever "break" him of roughhousing, but supervising play seems like a good idea. Could you set up playdates with another dog that likes to play rough?

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    DefaultRe: Foster dog issues: he is big, ours is small

    I agree no unsupervised play until you are sure he isn't going to hurt your dog.


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