41/2 months old and stll going in the house - AHHHHHHHHHH
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Thread: 41/2 months old and stll going in the house - AHHHHHHHHHH

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    Default41/2 months old and stll going in the house - AHHHHHHHHHH

    Like I said, Spirit is four and 1/2 months old. She KNOWS very well how to signal me to go outside. (we have a little "potty bell" on the door - which she uses when she wants to. Hence the problem, apparently she doesn't always "want to". When she goes tinkle or potty, she is praised and praised with "Good tinkle spirit", etc. I can be home all day long and I may just have taken her out and the minute I turn my back, she tinkles in the house. There is no rhyme or reason it seems. Occasionallly she poops in the house but that is almost always my fault, not to mention much easier to clean up and no lingering smell. Anyone else had this problem? Better yet, anyone fix this problem? :'(

    Hope to hear from at least 10 of you soon


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    DefaultRe: 41/2 months old and stll going in the house - AHHHHHHHHHH

    If you don't already keep a leash on her and next to you at ALL times!!!!!!!! Don't give her freedom of the house till you can trust her. If it was me I'd try it for 3 weeks on the leash if you can't watch her at the time into a crate she will go... After 3 weeks give her a little freedom at a time. 30 mins here 30 mins there.
    Thats how we did it with Dakota when she stopped WANTING to go out.

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    DefaultRe: 41/2 months old and stll going in the house - AHHHHHHHHHH

    First things first, relax!* You're not alone.* Daisy was a potty training nightmare as well, but she eventually got the hang of it.

    The leash method is a great suggestion (it's worked great for our new puppy!) but just in case that doesn't work, do you have a kennel/crate?* This is what worked for Daisy.* I would go with her out to her business.* If she went potty, she was praised.* If she went poop, she was praised.* If she didn't do both when I took her out, as soon as we were in the house into the kennel she went!* I would try her again about 5-10 minutes later.* If she finished up then, she was praised and she got free time.* If she didn't, back into the kennel and we'd repeat the cycle.* She soon learned doing her business outside meant that she would get free time.* This method does work but it does have it's drawbacks- For one, you have to be very consistent and diligent.* This means actually setting a time limit for her to complete her business.* If she doesn't complete her business within say 5 minutes (for example), back into the kennel she goes.* Also, something to be aware of is after she plays, eats, drinks, etc.* she'll have to go out.* So after or even during free time, she should also be given an opportunity to go outside.* Otherwise, this worked really well for Daisy.* It was one way of setting her up to fully succeed because we didn't give her any opportunity to fail.

    Don't worry, it does get better.* For some, it just takes longer to fully develop the bladder control or reach the "aha!" moment when 2 and 2 come together.* I couldn't fully trust Daisy until she was about 9 or 10 months old!

    Good Luck!
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    DefaultRe: 41/2 months old and stll going in the house - AHHHHHHHHHH

    If you can't supervise, it's not the pup's fault. Crate her or tether her and continue to take her out frequently. Just because she's 18 weeks and knows how to use the bell, it doesn't mean she's fully housebroke. You don't just STOP your training because you think they've got it.

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    DefaultRe: 41/2 months old and stll going in the house - AHHHHHHHHHH

    Aww lil momma have faith lol.* I know sometimes we just want to give up huh?* The situation with Kaycie is slightly different.* She's Almost 7 months old, and we found out at about 4 months old that she has a severly "tucked"* vulva.* A "fold" of skin around her vulva traps the urine and she gets a recurring infection. I've been to two different vets, the first claimed that we needed to do surgery if there was another infection, and the other said to wait until she is a year old to see if the problem corrects as she matures.* I'm going with the waiting game. She's still going to have to have surgery, but at least i know that it's not her fault when she tinkles on the floor a little.* So now almost three months later we're being put back on meds.* So take a break, I COMPLETELY recommend a kennel.* Not only will your puppy feel safe and secure, but it cuts down on behavioral problems.* Minus the fact that my baby is still a devil at times, she knows that the kennel is for quiet time.* lol granted she would NEVER go in there unless i throw a treat in, or just by her own will.* She will sneak in there while she thinks i'm not looking, just long enough to get her toys, and then she tuck tails it out of dodge lol.

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    DefaultRe: 41/2 months old and stll going in the house - AHHHHHHHHHH

    Ranger has NOT had any accidents in months (knock on wood) but it ended around 4.5 months old. One thing is to notice how the dog pee's. For example, there were a few times that WE did not respond quick enough to his request to go out. He knew he should not go in the house....but he HAD to. So we found pee in a line throughout the entire kitchen floor (about 16 feet). For me, that was a telling sign that the dog at least "got" the concept that the house was not his toilet, but due to his age and lack of self control he had to go. Outside, he squats and pee's in one place, never a long trail.

    He did make one mistake recently, I put him out on an enclosed wood deck outside. He was there for awhile, and he pee'd. He had to. But the pee was all over the place - haha. I was actually happier seeing that a bunch of pee in one place. Anyway the rain washed it away.

    Just something to watch for...


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