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    DefaultComputer Cords

    What do you use so that your puppy can't get under your computer desk and chew the cord?? :-\

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    DefaultRe: Computer Cords

    I used Hartz Mountain Chew Sticks* to distract and substitute.* They're cigarillo size and are made of tiny pieces of rawhide glued together by a flavored, digestible "glue".

    Puff, as a pup, seemed primarily attracted to computer wires and my reading glasses as favored teething targets.*

    Whenever she started for something I didn't want chewed, I whipped out a HM Chewstick.* I carried them with me ALWAYS, just like the American Express slogan -- "Don't go anywhere without it"

    Be sure you buy ONLY a product made in the USA or UK and ONLY when there's a company name, address, 800# customer service phone line, and a guarantee of complete satisfaction.

    MOST products similar to these are made in 3rd world countries and lack ALL of the information I recommended.

    MANY people have reported that their pups got upset tummies from chewsticks.* Understandable.* Many* foreign companies do NOT have standards or regs for the processing of animal foods.* Lye and other upsetting or toxic chemicals are often used.

    So, regardless of price difference, stay with that which is safe.


    Another possibility -- go wireless as in Apple's Airport or similar products for PCs/
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    DefaultRe: Computer Cords

    we hid the wires as best we could and sprayed what was visible with Bitter Yuck! that and consistent "leave it". of course we learned that after she chewed through my laptop powercord that was tucked behind the sofa one day.
    ~Abby, Molly, and Penny (the honorary lab)

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    DefaultRe: Computer Cords

    I had a leftover piece of shelving from Ikea and fastened that to the back of the open portion of the desk. This keeps him away from the cords...and sends him directly to the rugs. We put a chew toy in his mouth consistently as soon as he starts in on something. After a few tries to get back to what he was initially trying to chew he will focus his (considerable) energy on the toy!


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