I know I've been gone forever!* Sorry life has called me away.* We've bought a house though* (hurray!!)* Got the little one back in school (hurray!).* We move in in twenty-two more days.* Yay!!* Lucky's gotten huge!!* And aparently she's going to get bigger!* O_O !!!

So we have a little problem that Lucky has aquired.* She loves to jump and lately she loves to jump at you and this dog goes into orbit!!* Her feet are well above my head and I'm 5'7!!* So when she jumps up next to me I get walloped in the face by her giant schnoz!* She didn't use to do this.* I'm hoping that she'll stop once we're in the new house and she can spend so much more time inside and get more of the attention that she wants.* She gets a lot now, but in the new house she's going to get a lot more I know.* I've done everything from yelling to her, to bringing my knee up (which she can clear) to tapping her on her nose.* *WHAT STOPS THIS JUMPING MACHINE????

Also I want to start riding a bike and I know she would just love running along side me.* (Happy I swear is part hound, he'd get up the street and say enough of this I'll see you at home!!!)* Lucky's not quite a year yet so I didn't know if it would be good for her or not.* Happy's three.* Lucky's at 11 months.*

Also she's almost as big as Happy and the vet says she wants atleast another 15lbs on this dog!!* She says she's not done growing yet and she may be close to 100lbs when she's done!!!!!


Here's some pics* * to catch up and let you see her in action!!!

* * * * First day we got Lucky she was so cute!!

* * * * * * * * The dogs in the spring time....she GREW!!

* * * * * * * * * Happy and Lucky today.

* * * * * * * * Happy and Lucky today again.

* * * * * * * * Lucky today...that's what I'm talking about with Happy, that's what he's always doing!!* You can kinda see him behind her.

* * * * * * * Lucky going into orbit today!* She's not even trying on that!!!!