This should make ya laugh.

Tucker knows 'take it' well.* He's known it for a long time..I started by teaching him to take the grocery bag in his mouth, and he helps carry groceries.

He'll pick most anything up when I say 'take it'.

We're out in the yard earlier, and I wanted to work on dropping his bumper when he comes back to me...he doesn't always do it, 'specially when he's feeling playful and goofy.

I put treats in my pocket, figuring I'd surprise treat here and there while having him drop it when he comes back with the bumper.

The first time....bingo.....sees treat, drops it immediately.* Put him in a sit/stay, threw the bumper.....nothin'.* He wouldn't even run for the bumper.....he just watched and waited for another treat!* *;D ;D

I tried sending him out, pointing with my arm, saying 'go get it...take it', hoping he'd go get the bumper...but nope, wouldn't leave my side.* *;D (And I know he understands what I'm saying.)

I finally started laughin' so hard.* I walked to the bumper (him too), asked him to 'take it'...but noooo, he just kept lookin' at me, expecting another treat.* He's always taken it when asked!* *;D

We're gonna work on this for awhile....but it was so funny, I had to tell ya.*