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    My lab puppy is six weeks and three days old. I have ahd him for three days now and I am wondering how long I should expect him to hate his crate. I will put hi down around ten o'clock and he will bark until four inb the morning without sleeping. This also keeps me up all night long. What should I do? I have tried some suggestions from friends like stuffed animals, putting him to sleep with one of my shirts etc... I have been ignoring him when he barks at night but it is very loud and its not like he does it until he cries himself to sleep but he will not stop sometimes for six hours or more. Please let me know what you think I should do.

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    DefaultRe: My Lab

    How much do you play with him and get him tired out before bed?

    6 weeks old is actually early to take away from his littermates... he is probably missing them big time and momma too! Where is his crate?

    For Ender we allways had his crate in our bedroom... that way I could stick my fingers in there and comfort him when he would cry. We played with him a lot before bedtime so he was worn out and sleepy. Still... there were a few rough nights in there. Make sure you are taking your pup out to potty around every 3-4 hours during the night. Soon he'll be able to hold it longer.

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    DefaultRe: My Lab

    I'm so lucky. My 13 week old pup sleeps straight throught the night without a peep.

    Try these things:

    1. Tire him out before bedtime by just playing for 10 -15 minutes
    2. Give him something to do in the crate - like a small puppy kong, or a frozen wet t-shirt to gnaw on
    3. Put the crate in your bedroom at night
    4. Make sure he pees before bed
    5. Leave on some ambient sound (radio, tv quietly)
    6. Don't give him water within 3 hrs of bedtime
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    DefaultRe: My Lab

    I've used crates with my previous dogs as well as with my current new pup and never had any problems, but especially for the first few nights I always made sure Toby had a good play before bed to tire him out, made sure he did his buisiness outside and he always has something like a nylabone or kong to chew on. The first night he was here he cried for about 15 minutes so I sat next to his crate for a bit and spoke to him to let him know I was there and then he went to sleep. Not had any problems since - but of course it varies from pup to pup and seeing as your pup is so young it must be very difficult for him to be away from his brothers and sisters.

    Where is your crate? and do you use it in the daytime as well as at night?

    I'm pretty lucky too parafly - Toby is just over 8 weeks and he can go from about 10.30pm to 6.30am which is perfect!

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    DefaultRe: My Lab

    I would tend to agree with everyone else that has already posted. Crate training can be difficult... I had problems initially with Hunter and Tucker, but it only last a few days. Now they are ready to go into their crate before I even give the command....they have gotten a schedule down and seem to go to the crates at 10 pm each night without prompting.
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