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    Alrigth, Chance eats his poop all the time!!! Its to the point that we can't even let him out by himself. He needs to be on a lead at all times. This is pretty nasty problem that I need to fix. Its so bad that he will do his thing and eat it instally!!! What should I do!?!?!?!

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    There are several different ways to tackle this problem... If you research anywhere about tips to keep dogs from doing unwanted behaviors, that should give you some ideas to try. (And save anyone here from typing everything out for you... lol..) Things like, getting a bottle full of nuts/bolts and slamming it down on the ground near him whenever he starts to make the move for the poo. The idea is you need to find something he really doesn't like (like being startled by a loud noise such as the bottle) so that he says "Hey, when I do this activity I don't like what happens around me... So, if I don't want to be scared by this loud noise I need to stop doing what I am doing..."

    Also, I had this problem with Lexus for a short time and again with our Beagle puppy... My vet suggested putting Adolph's Meat Tenderizer into their food; just sprinkle it on top. This (and other products that are made strictly for this purpose) makes the dog's poo taste and smell very nasty to them and it keeps them from eating it. This meat tenderizer idea really worked for both Lexus and the beagle pup, so that is my top suggestion.

    I think it is a pretty common problem that people encounter with puppies (and even adult dogs)... And much like everything else there are tons of different techniques to try to stop the behavior. So, just take each suggestion as you find it and see if it works for you. What works for some dogs might not work for other dogs in this situation, so be patient while you try to find something that works for you and your pup.

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    DefaultRe: POOP Problem!!!!

    My poop problem with Oakley is that she eats OTHER poop. Any poop she finds, she eats it. GROSS!! Cat, dog, doesn't matter. How do I fix this?


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