I figured out what Dory wanted (and responses to all your advice) - kinda long
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Thread: I figured out what Dory wanted (and responses to all your advice) - kinda long

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    DefaultI figured out what Dory wanted (and responses to all your advice) - kinda long

    Sorry I didn't respond, I usually don't post here.* I saw Dwecks response but then forgot.* Little too much work, not enough sleep!!* * Ok here is the recap:

    Dweck - I had put her in one crate size smaller by the time I wrote.* That hadn't worked.*

    Queen of the Dogs - Dory has been to this place before and knew her spot and had her spot pinpointed for a couple weeks before this happened.* So I do know what you are talking about.* I never used the bathrooms at school when I was in High School, yuck!* She decided after being here for 2 and 1/2 weeks she didn't want to go anymore.

    Servant2Lexus - When I was home and if she has done any type of potty outside then she was allowed out of the crate.* But usually she waited for me to go to work to go potty in the crate.* So no I wouldn't let her out while I was gone, I don't leave my dogs out while I am gone. (But that will soon change.)* I don't feel that she was in the crate too much because when I would take her out it wasn't just to one area to go potty, we walked and played and went to her spot and did a lot of activity.* I was hoping it would get 'things' moving and since I did have her in the crate more than the others I didn't want other behaviors to crop up from boredom.* I usually don't use leashes when we walk although I take them with me so I can have them if I need them.* I discovered that when the dogs were on a leash they were less likely to go potty then when they were on a leash.* I guess it was performance anxiety.* I appreciate your post and all the ideas but Dory has always been a challenge when it has come to potty training.* She did go potty in the house on a regular basis.* I managed to teach her stop going potty in the bedroom and then she started in the kitchen floor and from the kitchen floor to outside.* It took months for her to finally get outside.* And the only thing I could do was totally ignore it.* Even if I caught her in the act all I said was no (and not even that loud and took her outside and since the no wasn't loud enough to stop her it was a mess from where she started to the door. But any type of negative sign and she would go into a shell and not come out for days so all I did was ignore her and what ever she was doing and that was the best 'punishment' that worked for her.) She does not have a specific sign that she needs to go potty.* Basically if she leaves the room that I am in then that is her sign.* So I watch her like a hawk to make sure I know where she is and what she is doing so that she can get the idea that if she needs to go then outside is the place to go.*

    I am converting my garage, tomorrow as a matter of fact, to their day play place and the one thing I am concerned about is the mess I will come home too.* Not that I mind, it is the garage floor.* I can mop it up and I am done but I don't like the fact that she thinks she can go anywhere anytime she needs to.* I am seriously contemplating getting a kiddie pool and making a large litter box so that if she has to go she has a spot to go but then on the other hand I don't want to encourage going potty in the house.* So that idea is still up in the air.* I will see how they all do and go from there.* I don't want them outside when I am not at home and I dont' want them in their crates anymore while I am not at home which is one reason why I moved.* I needed a garage for the dogs.* So I am isulating the doors and the garage is already insulated on the other 3 walls and stays really cool even in the heat of the GA summer so with the garage doors insulated we can leave the a door open to let the AC in and have fans running (which I am planning on hanging from the ceiling) to keep the air moving around.* *

    Bob Pr - Dogs are on a tight schedule because I am too.* * Morning is tighter than evening but the only difference in the evenings is that we have more time to run and play.* Dogs get fed twice a day, morning and evening, crack o' dawn and and as soon as I walk in the door.* The only thing that would hold that up is traffic but at 3pm that is fairly light.* I know when each dog does which potty and if they do more I know if there is a beginning of a problem.* Hell I even watch the consistency and color to see how they are feeling on the inside.* And I also tell them 'Go potty' 'potty' and 'potty poos' so they know the difference.* I do treat my dogs almost like they are puppies.* As soon as they are done eating they go out to potty.* I follow a lot of puppies house breaking rules, it is just easier that way to stick to a routine for them.*

    Anyway for the original reason of my post;* I think she wanted mommy and me time.* I took her out by her self and she went right back to her old schedule.* So I have been taking her out on her own now to make sure she gets some special Dory time with just me.* She did pick a new spot in front of the house but as long as we are on our own then she is a happy camper.* *I am sure the move upset her so once she settles in she will be fine and back to normal.* Either that or she will be so spoiled then I will have to continue the one on one walks.* Oh well more exercise for me I guess.*

    It was after all these problems with Dory that I tried to litter box train my last litter of puppies.* As soon as they started weaning I used a litter box and within a week they all knew to go in the box to go potty.* When they went to their homes I as told by every one of their new owners that all they did was put shavings in a spot in the yard and the puppies went there to potty and between the owners learning their signs and the puppies having the shaving in the yard housetraining was done within a day or two.* I got Anna from a kennel in England when she was almost a year old and I had trouble with her housetraining.* She was easier than Dory but between those 2 I am beginning to notice a pattern.* I also notice that if I have to board them when they come back it is like the 'forget' and need a refresher course in housetraining.

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    DefaultRe: I figured out what Dory wanted (and responses to all your advice) - kinda long

    Glad to hear things are looking up for you and Dory! Thanks for the update! ;D


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