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    I know there has been a lot of post about crate training.* Zoey used to do really well but I have just moved into an apartment and every time I ask her to kennel up she stares at me "like no way I am going in there" I finally lure her in the crate by treats and if I leave the apt she doesn't bark but if I try to iron or take a shower she starts to bark. Is there a way to teach quiet while she is in the crate. I have seen alot of posts about barking while outside, at the door but how can you do it while they are in the crate.

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    Ranger will do that sometimes if we need to crate him and he can hear us in the house. It doesn't happen a lot because we prefer him being with us - but recently I was doing some thorough mopping and decided to have him out of the way.

    The thing is you can never go to them while they are barking. Duh - barking=people coming to me!! I think I'll keep barking!

    We use a quiet command with my finger to my mouth Shhhh! I use that all the time because he is vocal sometimes (like bark talking to me) and I want him to Shhh. So - when he is in the crate I started doing that command to him, walking just out of the room and when he would bark I would Shhh. Then that's it....I waited until he was NOT barking for a period of time (even if it is not long) and then go in and give him a treat and say good Shhh.

    Or you can give him a Kong with peanut butter in it....that will keep her busy.

    Oh - one more need to continue this training at every aspect. So for instance, when we come home and he is crated, the first thing we do is NOT go to him while he is anxious and barking. We wait a bit and when he quiets...we go to him to let him out. Quiet=possible attention/treats

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    DefaultRe: barking in crate

    My new Maui (we have had for 2 days) doens't bark at all in the crate. he whines a lot but I think his whining isn't because of the crate, it is because of some very minor seperation anxiety. He loves to be held.

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    DefaultRe: barking in crate

    If simply ignoring it isn't working then you could try what I did from someone's recommendation. It sounds kinda mean but I had to resort to it because Buck would not quit being a loudmouth everytime he got crated during our dinner time. It was the only time he would act that way and he was not yet very good with his table manners hence the crating. He'd put his paw on us and try to sniff our plates etc etc. Now he is allowed to be free during dinner time since he knows better than to put his paw on us and such...

    Anyhow! I got off's what I did.
    When he started to bark and cause a racket I snuck up and Banged his crate REALLY loudly with a shoe and said QUIET. This really startled him. Then next night when we sat down for dinner and he started to be a loudmouth I just yelled QUIET and he settled down right away. It took only one shoe banging from me to get him to behave but you might have to do it a couple times. Before you know it just warning him with the QUIET should be enough and eventually you just won't have to say anything. I know it sounds mean and unsofisticated but it worked for me.
    Don't wave the shoe in his face and not actually use it because it will lose it's effectiveness.

    If you don't want to do the shoe could use a spray bottle filled with just plain water. QUIET and then spray him in the face and walk could work. Give it a shot.
    Whatever you do just be consistent. Good luck! Keep us posted on how it works out
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