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Thread: Peeing!!!!

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    I have had my Lab Jack for 4 years and every so often he will go through a stage of peeing on the floor and this is one of those times.* I do go to work all day but I know he is OK to be left as I always have and he has not always peeeed.* It is always in the same spot and he is now doing it during the night when I am asleep even though I know he does not need to.* The vet has checked him out and he is fine, has anyone got any ideas how I can stop or encourage him to stop doing this as it is driving me potty!!* excuse the pun!!* I am clearing up pee usually once when I get up and once when I get back from work.* He goes out twice a day to Hampstead Heath and we have a garden for him to go in when I am here.* I was wondering if it might be because of the cat, as he has a cat flap and ges in and out as he pleases where as Jack has to stay in when I am not here.

    any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated


    Tracy ???

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    Hi Tracy,

    Firstly - this is mainly a North American forum and most on here won't know what Hampstead Heath is! I used to work just down the road in Camden so am very familiar with it!

    Anyway - your problem sounds so frustrating, and all I can do is offer sympathy I'm afraid.
    Saying that, are you cleaning the spot with one of those pet products like Nature's Miracle? If he can smell out the spot then he will keep going there. The products I've mentioned - which you may already be using - eradicate the smell of pee to a dog.
    If he's doing it when you're not there then the radical solution would be to crate him when you're not there, or block off the area he goes in if you can.
    Anyway, hopefully someone might have some better advice.

    By the way, if you want a more British-orientated Lab forum go here:
    There are some lab experts on here though and lots of great advice!

    Good luck!

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    DefaultRe: Peeing!!!!

    Fellow Brit all means try the UK forum but you have to subscribe and pay after 10 posts. I like that forum, but this one is better.*

    Is Jack crate trained? how long is he left for when you go to work? has he been checked for a UTI (urinary tract infection)?


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