Pulling on lead the wrong way
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Thread: Pulling on lead the wrong way

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    DefaultPulling on lead the wrong way

    Interesting thing happened on the morning walk. My senior lab, Husker, just wanted to stop walking. He would trail behind being as lethargic as he has ever been.

    Here's a little background. Husker is a 12 year old male who just had a new friend, Brutus, a 4 month old male lab pup, move in yesterday. I'm a third shift person so Husker's walks usually come about 8 am. I've cut him down to 4 walks a week and shortened them a bit due to the fact that his hip seems to be bothering him more the last couple of years. After a little training he has always been excellent on the lead.

    The wife and I tried to take Brutus for a short walk before introducing into the house and it was miserable! When he wasn't jumping around he would lie on the ground and refuse to move. I have mostly got the jumping under control already.

    Being our turn to grill out for friends and family, I took both dogs out yesterday hoping to get some energy off them and thinking that the older dog would kind of show the pup the ropes. Worked great on both accounts. Brutus is still a little unsure and tries to walk in between my legs at times, but I think he will come out of this fairly easily.

    Morning walk came around and Husker acted as if he wanted nothing to do with it! Lagging behind, head down, almost pulling backwards on the lead. This never happens unless he finds a sent at the corner street light he can't resist, and then its maybe 5 seconds of sniffing, a good sit and on with the walk (if the kids have to look both ways, so do the dogs! ;D ) This is very unusual for him.

    I don't think I'll get too worked up over it just yet, but if this continues for a week I'd like to have a plan in place. Any suggestions or past experiences with similar problems would be greatly appreciated! TIA



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    DefaultRe: Pulling on lead the wrong way

    Do Brutus and Husker play rough together? It's possible that the pup 1) wearing Husker out so he doesn't have the energy for a walk or 2) injuring him by jumping/leaping on him particularly if he already has painful hips. If Husker is in pain he isn't going to want to walk. If you can't attribute this to play, then I'd take him to a vet for a check.

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    DefaultRe: Pulling on lead the wrong way

    Is it brutally hot where you are? He's 12 after all, and his age + the heat may just be too much for him right now....


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