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    DefaultHouse Training

    I read all the great advice in the "Our Best Advice" thread, thanks for all the great info!
    Deogee came home with us yesterday, she is 10 weeks old and has not been house trained at all, and her first experience with going outside at all is from us.
    She's had a few accidents in the house already, and everytime we bring her outside and continue to repeat "go pee-pee" and make a big deal of it when she does. I've taken a few of the paper towels that I cleaned her mess with and put them in the yard so she could smell where the mess is suppose to go.
    I'm just wondering how long it usually is before I'll notice her actually paying attention to this? Or when I should see her going less in the house and more outside.
    We bring her out often, a lot actually. And I am worried maybe to much.
    She is my first puppy. I've had dogs before, but as with my cats, I always seem to fall the "rejects" that are grown up and no one wants them anymore, so this part is usually done for me.
    TIA for any extra advice!

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    DefaultRe: House Training

    She will get the hang of it within a few weeks. Each dog takes different lengths of time. You are doing the right thing. Each time she wakes, or eats take her out and use "pee-pee"
    I don't think you can ever take them out too much.

    I adopted Ernie when he was 3 and he wasn't house trained. It took about a week.

    Deogee is beautiful.

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    DefaultRe: House Training

    toby took about two days.. rusty something like four..

    don't worry.. hang in there.. for the first few weeks remember.. 10 mins after eating, immediately after waking up, immediately after playing.. and about every hour/hour and a half between those events.. if you catch her in the act reprimend her.. take her outside and when she does go outside praise A LOT.. labs are smart.. they will catch the drift..

    but there will be accidents also.. i've had my two puppies (they're 9 weeks old now) for about 3 weeks now.. i've been about a week accident free.. so just be very patient.. it's good that you always say the same words.. i say 'lets go potty'.. and remember to always go to the same spot at first so they get the idea.

    what i did that worked wonders for me (i think this is what lots of people do) is crate them at night and put the crate by your bed. this will teach them that when they feel like they have to go, they don't have to go right that instant, cause from pure instint they won't soil their bed.. and teach them that they can hold it. of course you cant expect much holding at that age.. so if you really want to succesfully pottytrain your dog.. your going to have a lot of sleepless nights. they will cry and bark and whine when they can't hold it anymore.. that's your signal to go outside.. and i say put them by the bed so they wake you up with the whining.. since i've got them, i havent slept through one whole night.. the first nights were about an hour and a half between trips outside.. yesterday they actually made it through five hours which at such a young age i find incredible!!! i love my kids ;D

    the key here is..


    soon she will get it and she'll be the great dog you want her to be.. ;D

    cheers from sunny san jose, costa rica


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    DefaultRe: House Training

    You don't say whether you use a crate or not...

    Unfortunately unlike kittens puppies don't come house trained. Depending on the dog and how consitant your routine is, house training can take as little as a few weeks. My dogs had very few accidents because I was very strict with our routine. It was crate, play, potty, crate, play, potty, crate, etc., until the pup was reliable in the house.

    You will need to take your pup out EVERY time she wakes up, eats or does any kind of physical activity. I prefer not to allow pups to mooch around in the house until they are reliable but its a personal choice. If you want her loose in the house, look for the signs --sniffing around in corners is the most obvious.

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    DefaultRe: House Training

    Deogee is VERY cute. Love your photo! As far as house training, just be consistent -- very consistent. Have you read up on bell training? I highly recommend it, and it requires very little effort on your part. We brought Sami home at 8 1/2 weeks of age. She began going to the door within a week. Now, she still continued to have accidents, but at least she was getting the idea. Take Deogee out frequently and then practically throw a ticker tape parade when she goes. She'll get the idea!

    Good luck!

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    DefaultRe: House Training

    Do you crate train your puppy? I crate trained Buck...which by the way is a really really easy way to housetrain them. I would take him outside often when he was outside of his crate and playing. Even if he didn't show any signs of wanting to go I'd take him outside. Every 15 mins or so or right after I saw him guzzle down a ton of water. Also make sure you keep taking him out the same door EVERY TIME.

    Try Bell training your pup. I would walk or carry Buck over to the designated door and keep saying GO OUTSIDE! GO OUTSIDE! Once we go to the door I'd ring the bell and open the door and take him outside and wait for him to do his business and praise and such and taught him his cue for peeing and pooping. In a couple weeks he started walking over to the door but if I was not fast enough he'd have an accident right infront of the door!

    House training really depends on the individual puppy and his age and how consistent you are. The younger they are the less control they have over their bladder so even if they get the idea that peeing and pooping outside is good they don't always realise soon enough to get themselves there...Hang in there your puppy will get it!!!*
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    DefaultRe: House Training

    Do you restrict Deogee with a puppy/baby gate to an easily cleaned floor?* And use something like Nature's Miracle or hydrogen peroxide on "mistakes" to eliminate their odor? That helps.

    I puppygated Puff to my kitchen/dinette area because that was the only suitable room with a tile floor.

    I also used the largest size (of 3) "Second Nature" plastic potty trays.* They also sell some paper pads to put in the bottom to absorb liquids.* (I put newspaper pages over a pad on the bottom, also -- not as absorbent but cheaper.)*

    As soon as I saw Puff start to assume her squat and go position, I'd whisk her to the potty tray and give her praise and a treat.

    It didn't take long for her to learn to go there.

    There are many who'll say that's a terrible way to train, that then the pup has to learn all over again to go on grass.* That was never a problem for Puff -- she adapted instantly.

    As a side bonus, now that the tray is no longer needed and has been cleaned, a queen size bed pillow fits into it nicely and it's Puff's second favorite place to sleep (first is on my bed).

    As a further and intentioned bonus, a second "Second Nature" tray fits on the cockpit sole of my sailboat and Puff can go there if she'd ever need to on a long sail.
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    DefaultRe: House Training

    Hi. Deogee is doing very well with the house training!
    She is learning her key word (go pee-pee) quickly. She responds to my "no noise" better than the word no, but that's fine because I tend to make the noise before I say no anyway.
    We aren't crating her. I work days and hubby works nights so there is always someone home. At night I do put her in a pen, those hexagon pens made for kids. She can jump out. I put her back in several times, sometimes only a couple, and tell her lay down, good girl and so on. She'll stay most of the night. And if she does jump out my Bengal cat will chase her into my bedroom and let me know she is out, so funny.
    We're going camping for five days next week, that should be interesting. I'm hoping it doesn't mess with the house training to much. We're camping pretty close to home anyhow.
    Thanks for all the great advice and good words!


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