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    Hello my names Neil and my 3.5 year old male black labs called moss from the UK.

    We took him to puppy and adult training classes for 2.5 years the older he got the more dominate he became towards other dogs. After consultation with the vets* we had him castrated, i take him out for walks in the woods, country side and along streets 2 times aday also incorporating 15-30 Min's training. But when he sees another dog he starts getting over excited heavy panting ,barking etc. Ive try ed positive reinforcements and read books for help but to no avail. Has any one else been in this situation and what advise could you give me , I'm also thinking about putting him in residential training.

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    DefaultRe: chasing other dogs

    Hi and welcome to J.L.
    Labs do get excited at seeing people and other dogs. I keep Ernie on a very short lead and watch everything. If we see a cat or another dog I make him sit (yes brut force) tell him "ignore"and wait until he calms down, then give him a treat. If we see people and I say ignore and he does he gets a special treat. Another trick i do is turn the other way if he starts to go towards something else.

    To stop any pulling and sudden unwanted behaviour I use a halti when I am out in unfamiliar places. I am sure some of the other wiser people here will give you much better advice.

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    DefaultRe: chasing other dogs

    Hi there, I am also from the UK.

    kassabella is absolutely right in saying that Labs are a very excitable, social breed so what you are experiencing is far from abnormal. In fact, I dare say that most of us have been there at some point with our dogs. I know I have. Mine grew out of it and now ignore other dogs unless I give them permission to go play. That said, I gundog train and 100% handler focus is what we aim for.

    How often does your dog get to play with other dogs? how is he off lead around other dogs? does he obey your commands or ignore you?*

    I don't know what residential training is but with work this is very easy to overcome. If you wouldn't mind answering my questions I will be glad to try and help. I train my dogs to be focused on me by becoming the center of their world --I control the food, the walks, the playtime, etc., and therefore I am far more exciting than the dog across the street. What positive reinforcements have you used? you need to find whatever motivates your dog and use it to your advantage.


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