Puppies supplies?
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Thread: Puppies supplies?

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    DefaultPuppies supplies?

    I'm sure this has been discussed before but I don't seem to be able to find it by searching. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Our puppy will come home the middle of August and I want to be prepared. We aren't exactly in a remote area but it isn't close to a pet supply store so I'd like to be prepared. Also, I would like to have a collar right away, not the fancy ones yet as he will outgrow it but something. What size do you get for a butterball puppy? Thanks!

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    DefaultRe: Puppies supplies?

    Congratulations!!! Post pictures as soon as you can. Here is a link that should help you out. Good luck!

    Teresa, mom to Brigetta and Prudence

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    DefaultRe: Puppies supplies?

    For a pup you will need a light collar and leash, water bowl, food bowl, bedding, a crate, brushes, dog food (feed what the breeder recommends), treats, chews, toys (LOTS of them!) and poop bags. I may have forgot a few things but these are the basics. Anything else you can get as you go along.

    If you are getting a pup in August and your area is hot you might also want to consider purchasing a few things to keep the pup cool. An inflatable paddling pool is excellent for hot summer days.

    With a pup, don't be tempted to overspend. They grow out of collars quickly and most toys will be destroyed. Save expensive purchases until the pup is older and can be trusted.

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    DefaultRe: Puppies supplies?

    Good list! I might add get some Nature's Miracle for cleaning up accidents.
    <br /><br />Grand River Run Genaration &quot;Miles&quot;&nbsp; CGC RN, RL1, RL2, RA, CW-SR, C-OB1, RL1X, RL3, RE

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    Chester B. Dickens is offline Senior Member
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    DefaultRe: Puppies supplies?

    Also, know that you can buy supplies online and have them delivered right to your door. J&J is an excellent provider (Google them for the addy). Their leather leashes are the best I've ever encountered -- they wear like iron, and the braiding (rather than a rivet) stands up to a lot of punishment.

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    DefaultRe: Puppies supplies?

    Fosters and Smith are VERY fast with their shipping... I've been very pleased with them so far.

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    DefaultRe: Puppies supplies?

    I also use Foster & Smiths and have been very happy. If your dog is above the age of 6 weeks, you can start considering Advantage Flee and Tick meds, you can get this from Foster & Smiths as well..

    Allie at her young age loved pig ears. It was her favorite until they lasted only 30 seconds, but a young pup it should take hours to finish just one...

    Id stay away from any toy that is cloth, use only rubbery ones. Those sharp teeth will cut thru just about anything, but they wont have the jaw power to break a kong or anything like that...
    Thanks,<br /><br />Brian<br /><br /><br />CGC, TDI Certified

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    DefaultRe: Puppies supplies?

    Debra, I'll see if I can find Lexie's first collar and measure it for you. The breeder sent Lexie home with a collar, she had them on all the pups so she could tell them apart (different colors). I ended up getting a harness for Lexie; I just got her a easy walker harness since she's growing so fast.

    Kongs, get at least two.

    You can sometimes get chew toys and collars at the dollar store. Lexie really likes her stuffed toys too; the pheasant and her pink wiener dog are her favorites, she loves to swing them around and they're good indoor toys.

    If she chews you may want to get some bitter apple spray.

    Go through your towels and find your old washcloths, they're good for teething and chewing; wet them and put them in the freezer.

    I found that all of the training treats that I get her are too big, so I break them apart or cut them up. Freeze dried liver is the bomb and Lexie will do about anything for it; that's my power treat. The cheapest that I've found it online is at http://www.petking.com She also really likes the Dick Van Patten Natural Balance for training treats; it comes in a big tube (looks like a giant sausage) and you cut it into tiny pieces. This is a much more economical treat and she loves the stuff.

    I got myself a little bag that holds treats, I can put it around my waist or over my shoulder. This has been a lifesaver at puppy school and when we're out and about. If I don't carry it with me then I make sure to wear pants with pockets. I've pretty much given up my fashion diva status since I got a lab.

    I have a variety of leashes placed around the house, sometimes you've just got to be able to grab a leash. There are 6' leashes with double loops; one loop is close to the clasp for better control and corrections and the other is in the normal position (it's like a regular lease and traffic lease built into one). Your pup will probably be too small to use the traffic loop at first, but he'll grow into it at no time and it's really handy to have when you're out on walks.

    If you have a feed store in your area prices are usually much better than PetSmarts and Petcos.

    <br /><br />http://www.lexiethelab.com<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />http://lexiethelab.com/shopping-resources

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    DefaultRe: Puppies supplies?

    1) Crate (if crate training...highly recommended) Make sure it has a divider and it's a size your puppy can grow into and possibly still fit in when he/she is an adult.

    2) Bedding...try to get something tht will be hard for the puppy to rip apart. Buck likes to rip apart his bedding...only kind that lasted the abuse is a sheepskin bed.

    3) Of course water bowl and food bowl. Also get some Nature's Miracle or Hydrogen Peroxide for those accidents that will happen.

    4) The exact same kind of food that your breeder will be feeding your puppy. Also, puppy treats. My breeder had started potty training and crate training with Buck and would give him a certain kind of treat to him so I just stuck to those for starters.

    5) Collar and a good durable leash. The leash I got was on sale and made of a denim material and is very sturdy.It's only 4' long but I have better control with a shorter leash. You could probably just get one of the durable leather leashes mentioned by the others.

    When I got Buck at 8 weeks old he was weighing in about 20lbs. The collar I started out with him was an adjustable nylon snap collar that was 5/8" wide and the length could be adjusted from 10"-16" (My breeder helped me with finding the right size. I am sure yours will too). This fit him till he was about 4.5-5 months old.
    Then I got him a 1" wide and 16"-26" adjustable nylon collar. I am holding off buying anything nice. Like a nice leather collar till he is done growing.
    Each of the collars I got him cost me around 4-5 bucks from Petco.

    6) Lots of chew toys! Like nylabones, kongs and such. I wouldn't get too many stuffed toys yet. Maybe a couple. Your puppy might be a power chewer and destroy them in no time and try to eat the stuffing...not a good thing at all!

    7) If you already know what you are going to name your pup. Get a tag with his name and your contact info engraved on it. I got Buck's tag from Petco as well for 7 dollars. If you want you can get your puppy a special tag from Sally Harrel! They are real nice ;D
    Again something I am holding off buying till Buck is older and more trust worthy.

    8) If your newspaper is delivered to you in plastic bags...start collecting them! Infact collect any kind of plastic bags out there. They come in very handy for poopy pick up :P

    9) Flea comb, Brush and shedding blade (I didn't need this till he was almost 6.5 months old). I got these at the local petstore. They had a brochure there that told me what kind of grooming tools I needed for particular coats.

    Hope this helps. If I remember anything else I will be sure to add it to the list. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR NEW PUP!
    <3 01/01/2006-03/18/2017 <3

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    DefaultRe: Puppies supplies?

    Thanks for the info everyone! It will come in handy!! ;D

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