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    hello all:

    Was wondering if anyone has any pointers for me.

    I have a 17 week old lab who is doing well with potty training. Until he finshed getting all of his shots, he was pretty much limited to going in our yard, as we live in an urban neighborhood. Since, about a week now, we started going on walks...

    Problem is, he will not go potty on the walks on the sidewalk, he waits until he gets to the yard. I use my command word, but nothing. He has gone at other places besides our yard, but it's usually where there is a lot of grass. We do not have much grass where we live. We have trees and little patches of grass, but he is not the marking stage yet and just won't go...

    Any tips on getting him to go on the walks.

    If I go on the walk and bring him inside and wait a few minutes, I am risking him having an accident indoors...so I need to be careful with that.

    Also, I already waited until he really has to go - like when I get home from work, but he still holds it.

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    DefaultRe: potty breaks, tips please

    maybe you can try spraying something that smells like their urine where you want them to pee.. i know household products that have amonia smell something like thier pee.. or you could try using the real thing..

    remember to use treats.. a treat that he really loves and doesnt get that often when he finally pee's where you want him to, to encourage him to continue doing it!

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    DefaultRe: potty breaks, tips please

    Our pup, 5.5 months, is a lot like that actually. We kept him mostly in our yard until his shots were done and despite the fact that we live in a city he won't go unless it's on grass (or the rare case where he absolutely has to go).

    I don't have any advice on training him to go, but just as food for thought, I really like the fact that Cody won't go unless it's the grass. For example, he doesn't pee in the water, on the beach, on the cement around my in-laws' pool, or on the deck, etc. Instead, he'll sit by the gate and wait to be let out on the grass. It's actually not a bad trait IMO, especially when visiting other people's homes!


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