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    DefaultGetting Frustrated

    Lately when I have Rocky off leash at the park, he will pick up some undesirable object and when I ask him to "drop it", he commences to play a game of "keep away". The only way I can get him to come to me is to cox him with a treat. He will drop the object and take the treat. When he's on his leash, he will drop what he has in his mouth most times when asked without me having to help take it out of his mouth. Any suggestions to curb the games of "keep away"?
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    DefaultRe: Getting Frustrated

    Well, I could be off base, but if he will "drop it" when reinforced with a treat, I would continue to treat for awhile. Just be sure to offer the treat before the game of keep away commences so that you are reinforcing the drop behavior and not the game. You can taper treats off as the command gets reinforced in his head. We have had very good luck reinforcing behaviors with treats. I used to use cheerios because they're already tiny. I don't use them anymore except at the vets office. (It keeps him still!)

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    DefaultRe: Getting Frustrated

    Sounds like my Lab when she was young......I use to keep our rabbit outside during the spring, fall and winter months....I would carry some hay in a baggie to feed to the rabbit, without fail our Lab Katie would come over, manage to grab it and run away...she just thought this was wonderful...After awhile you read their when she would get near me I would say to her "don't do it" and she would know that I knew what she had in mind, and that would stop her. Now, I would not let a dog loose off leash in a park unless that dog minded extremely well....maybe next time put a really long cord on the collar so you can rein her in....I'm not sure how old your Lab is, mine is now 9. I have had other dogs, done were as hard to train as our Lab. They really can try your patience, but that is the key, you have to let them know who is the's either us or them...I was so frustrated with mine when she was young that besides the regular obedience classes, I also did some one on one instruction at our house in the yard...and it is worth the money for a few lessons with a good instructor who understands Labs...
    Good luck!

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    DefaultRe: Getting Frustrated

    Beau is famous for the "keep away game"!! Really my fault. When he would get ahold of something I would say drop it and then go after him...thus the chase was on...he loved/loves the game. I now watch my self very close. When he has something...I grab a treat and tell him to either give or drop it. If he runs I turn my back or just stop and show him the treat and wait for him to comefor the treat. He is getting progressively better an luckily when I have him in the park "off leash" he has only picked up sticks which he proceeds to bring to me
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