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    My 4 month old lab is eating not only his food but also rocks, foam, plastic, sticks, paper, etc. Short of watching him 24/7 I don't quite know what to do.

    So far he's healthy otherwise. He has plenty of chew toys yet he still digs rock up in our yard to eat. Is there something nutritional missing? I asked our vet and he said some dogs just do it, which doesn't really help much. I don't want to have to lock him in his crate forever, yet I can't be with him all the time either.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    DefaultRe: Gourmet Rock Eater

    Our Buddy used to eat rocks also (he's 5 months now) but I haven't seen him do it now for several weeks. It never seemed to hurt him, as he seemed to pick the real small ones so I assume they passed through. He does still try to pick up every piece of litter when we go for walks, but we're working on "leave it". This morning he picked up the remnants of some type of fireworks and brought it all the way home! As for the rocks, I tried to get him to quit, but I saw that he didn't eat the bigger ones and so I didn't worry too much. I did what I could to distract him, but when he was loose in our yard I couldn't be right there 100% of the time. Like I said, he seems to have grown out of it, so hopefully, yours will too

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    When I cant be with Dakota our 5 month old puppy she is either on a leash hooked uner the coffee table with her toys, or in her crate. Neither one of my younger labs can be trusted out side. Maggie is a rock eater and Dakota like to dig.
    Leave it come out of my mouth OFTEN when they are outside. We just last week went through a bad case of maybe having a blockage. Dakota ate something, that I still don't know what it was. She was a VERY VERY sick little girl.
    If you can't watch him while he is outside he needs to be somewhere puppy safe so you can do what you need.
    Bass and Ducky down the street needed some heavy duty watching over when they were puppies. Their mom and dad hired the kids on the block to play with them while they did their things or were at work..
    Good luck! and I hope your little lab stays healthy!


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