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    Defaultmy puppy....

    if i have something in my hand and she wants it...she jumps. i put the leash on her and step on it she usually stops after awhile. but not long after she at it again (its not just jumping, its also latching on to my leg and trying to shred it). i tell her no and move away from her nothing has really worked. i starting flipping her on her back and not letting her go until she was calm. it worked for awhile now when i flip her she gets more riled up and starts biting....likes its a game. so my question is what other things can i try and do to correct her when she does something i dont want?
    oh and when we walk she will pick something up...i tell her to drop it and have to pull it out her mouth. when i get up and start walking again thats when she jumps and latches on to the back of my leg. when she brings the ball back she will put her front paws on my forearm and try to hump my arm. are all puppies like this? or just mine?

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    DefaultRe: my puppy....

    Adama is like that. When she gets riles up we just ignore her until she calms down - no touching, eye contact, speaking, nothing. If she still persists, we put her in time out in the bathroom. That almost always does the trick :

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    DefaultRe: my puppy....

    umm Buck used to try and put his front paws on us when we ate dinner because he wanted in on the food. I would just push him down and say "OFF" Then I'd ask him to SIT and as soon as he did I would treat him with HIS food (no table scraps at our's rule) After a few days of this he stopped putting his paw on us. He just sits next to us and drools and if we don't pay attention he nudges us with his nose or whines a little.

    Everytime he'd want something from me I'd make him sit first or lay down first. Nothing is free. He has to do something to get something. Takes a lot of consistent repetition. I have been making him do this since was 8 weeks old. He's 6 months old now. If he wants something in my hand he sits in front of me. If he wants to greet someone on our walks he sits down, he wants to get out the door...he has to sit first...etc etc.
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