Selective aggression/nipping
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Thread: Selective aggression/nipping

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    DefaultSelective aggression/nipping

    My dog is a 4 yr old yellow female with chocolate parents.* The hunting variety...She is usually a great and loving dog.* Recently we've taken her to our campground to introduce her to more people.* She either loves the people she meets or she hates them.* It is running about 60 likes to 40 hates.* She was on a leash and went up to my brother who is 6'4 smelled his hand and then proceeded to try and rip his head off....scared me to death.* Most people she doesn't have this reaction, some people she's had the reaction.* Same conditions...person standing still, letting her smell their hands or bodies in general, then either goes on her merry way or her hair stands straight up and before I can react, she is super aggressive...I'm not sure how to break her of this.* I have a muzzle type mesh thing that I'm trying just to see if she might be reacting to my fear.* It is helping, but while off the muzzle thing, she still can lose control.

    Any thoughts or ideas on how to introduce her to the people she really dislikes would be helpful.* There doesn't appear to be any relationship to the people she reacts negatively to.* Male, Female, short, tall, dog lovers, dog owners.* I'm just looking for what might be causing this behavior before they tell me we aren't welcome any more.

    Thanks... :-\ :-\ :-\

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    DefaultRe: Selective aggression/nipping

    i think you should get help from a dog behavorist.

    the trigger for the aggression could be something very obsure.

    in the book called, The Other End of the Leash by Patricia McConnell, the auther tells of a case similiar to yours where this dog seemed to randomly hate some people but not others.

    somehow they figured out that the common link between all the people the dog "hated" were people who had recently eaten pizza.* the dog had been abused in some way by a pizza delivery person when the dog was younger, and the dog had a very strong negative association with the smell of pizza on people she didn't know.

    they worked on desensitization techniques to assoicate good, positive things with the smell of pizza and strangers, and doing this helped the dog overcome her fears and become social and nice to everyone she met.

    again, professional help may be the best thing for you and your dog.

    "Properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend." ~ Corey Ford

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    DefaultRe: Selective aggression/nipping

    again, professional help may be the best thing for you and your dog.
    I agree. If she is being truly aggressive you need to see a professional. You wouldn't want to apply the wrong advice through someone over the internet. Without actually seeing the dog in person no one on here can really give you advice.

    Good luck.

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    DefaultRe: Selective aggression/nipping

    Good advice, seek professional help... A good trainer will beable to stear you around this problem...


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