House Breaking Bells NOT Toy !
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Thread: House Breaking Bells NOT Toy !

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    DefaultHouse Breaking Bells NOT Toy !

    I just ordered Bell's for Willow (13 weeks old). She does well on the house breaking as long as we keep an eye on her…she won’t “let us know” when she needs to go out so I hope bells will help.

    My question is how I can keep her from playing with them?

    Right now she’s in to everything!!! :P and if it makes noise she likes it more ! I have a 2 year old that has lots of noisy toys and its a task to keep Willow away form them.

    I can just picture her playing “tug” with the shiny new bells hanging on the door growling at it like she does with a tambourine toy she claimed as hers when she moved in…lol

    Any thoughts?

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    DefaultRe: House Breaking Bells NOT Toy !

    Funny you should mention this. We got sleigh bells that have a metal ring at the end to go over the door knob and on two occasions we heard the bells going nuts and went downstairs to find LIndy running around the kitchen with them in her mouth. LOL That was really before she knew what they were for. Now she leaves them in place. As far as ringing them for play I guess you just let her out whenever she rings them and if she doesn't "go" I would put her in her crate (if you are crate training) and try again later, that's what we do.


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