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    DefaultSwimming Introduction

    Was wondering at what age do you typically introduce swimming for your hunting labs? My 12 wk old YLM enjoys the water so far (likes to walk in ankle deep water, etc.) but I'm not sure when to take him to the lake and get him used to deeper water? In my area, water temp is around 68-72 degrees right now, so that shouldn't be too much of a factor. Thanks.

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    DefaultRe: Swimming Introduction

    We went camping/fishing Memorial Day weekend with our Bailey, who was 10 wks at the time, & she loved it. We let her walk in (about ankle/knee deep) for awhile, which she loved, & then let her go (on leash) all the way in off of our boat because she was about to launch herself off. She swam in a couple of circles & did really good. Now we have a kiddie pool that she loves to play in all of the time.
    Don't know if there is an appropriate age, but that's what worked for us.
    Good luck!
    <br /><br />~ Angie &amp; Bailey ~<br />My Dogster Page: http://www.dogster.com/dogs/509673

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    WigWag Guest

    DefaultRe: Swimming Introduction

    Labradors can swim in the frigid ocean so don't let temperature really be an issue. Some puppies jump right in and swim at a young age whereas others take a while. I have one that went right in at 9 weeks and swam like a little black alligator! Then his daughter liked to splash and wade near the shore until she was a year old when she finally just jumped right in and took the plunge and hasn't looked back since. Unfortunately some Labradors are resigned to wade and don't want to swim in water that is too deep.

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    DefaultRe: Swimming Introduction

    One tiny word of caution...

    Giardia... Ender probably got infected with this stuff when he went swimming as a pup. Took forever for us to figure out what it was.

    Giardia can be found in streams, rivers, lakes, puddles even.

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    DefaultRe: Swimming Introduction

    My Labs were swimming at 8 weeks. Not all Labs like to swim but most are naturals.

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    DefaultRe: Swimming Introduction

    8 Weeks, jumped right in following me as I set a boat anchor...

    Thanks,<br /><br />Brian<br /><br /><br />CGC, TDI Certified


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