Shower time barking.
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Thread: Shower time barking.

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    DefaultShower time barking.

    OK so I got one for you. As I said WAY back in the day when we got Lola, we save money on the water bill by showering together.

    When we're in there this is the only time I have heard Lola bark. Well except when the chipmunk out side stands *JUST* out of her each and grooms him self without a care. When the shower goes off the dog stops barking. Shower on dog barks...I'm sure you guys get the picture.

    We tried one of those collars that gives her a little shock when she barks. It worked. It also shocked her when she jumped, laid down, bumped into something or we pet her with any passion. The thing was a loose cannon. It would go off when we put it on the table. The collar has since been returned.

    So with that being said does anyone have a suggestion on how to get her to stop barking whilst we're getting clean? If one of us is out with her she's fine. But if we're both in there look out.

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    DefaultRe: Shower time barking.

    You could try a different type or brand of bark collar. My mom has one for one of her girls and it's a little more reliable than the "loose cannon".

    What about making her a Kong while you're in the shower? Buy a couple, make them all up one day and freeze them. That way, whenever you get in the shower, you can just pull one out for her. Hopefully, she'll be too busy eating to notice you're gone!

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    DefaultRe: Shower time barking.

    Can you see if you get the same reaction with a hose? Try having a grooming place wash your pup, see if they mention the barking. Maybe your pup doesnt like the shower, it could be too hot. We use warm water in the winter, and hose water in the summer. If its steamy, it could be upsetting your pup because it wants out...


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